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Gentesters Aspen Manor SE 1.0.0

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About This File

Aspen Manor.   A home for children and followers by Gentester.

Your children will live here using TMPhoenix's mod Heathfire Multiple Adoptions https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3862

Requires Hearthfire DLC

Aspen Manor is next to Merryfair Farm outside Riften. Turn left at the stables as you leave Riften

Purchasable, read the notice on the gate, fast travel enabled once purchased.

The house sleeps 6 children and up to 12 followers

Using HeathfireMultiple Adoptions mod will allow your children to move here, your spouse will also move in and use the master bedroom  correctly. Without the Multi Adoptions mod the children’s bedroom will remain unused.

Two versions. One which undresses your spouse and  followers for sleeping and swimming, One which only undresses them to swim. Both are included in the download. Only use One.

The grounds have guards.  They have patrol schedules and guard the grounds 24/7 with rotated breaks for rest and sleep in their own quarters.  They are all essential, recruitable as followers and marriageable, however will obviously no longer guard if you take them away from their schedules. When you first arrive, there tends to be some beasties outside and may be some inside the garden, the guards will take care of the ones inside and you take care of the one outside, think of it as a quest to get the house lol, once killed the animals will not respawn.

Lounge, alchemy and enchanting areas, scroll storage, recipe storage, shelves for spell books, small armoury, kitchen with hearthfire oven, butter churns, customs storage, dining area, indoor pool. Bookcases everywhere for other books, small roof terrace with seating. 14 mannequins, weapon racks and armor storage, display cases and dagger racks and a place to practise archery.

Pool area will undress your followers and redress them as the leave the area (Warning - if you use a nude body mod then your followers will be nude). Children just remove their shoes and wooden swords but they tend to avoid the undressing area in any case. 

Outside the main house is the forge, smelter, grain mill and wood chopping with the Guards quarters above the forge. Large outdoor conservatory with heathfire planting containers, Bee Hives, Stables for horses. Two milkable cows (hover your mouse over their flanks and click E and the milking animation will begin) they produce heathfire milk and cream daily. Chicken run with 4 hens, Well and Laundry Area. Outside seating and a picnic area by the lake. 

Fish hatchery on the lake

Some of the lighting in the house is set to timers so that the interior will be darker at night


Known Issues

The Guards and Shadowmere
The reason they may sometimes attack is that Shadowmere is in Dark brotherhood faction. It’s a known issue with guards of any type and this horse which you may or may not get. You may also get it with NPC's set to guard anywhere using the old MyHomeIsYourHome. Workaround would be to remove Dark Brotherhood faction from Shadowmere.Do the following at a point when the guards are either not there or not hostile.
1) Open console while standing in front of Shadowmere
2) Click on Shadowmere.
3) Type: addfac 1bdb3 -1 
4) Hit enter and exit the console.
Some modded versions of Shadowmere don't have the horse in that faction, those should be fine "out of the box".

If you leave the house for 31 days or more it is possible that your claws may be stuck to the display or vanish altogether (in testing this hasn’t happened but it’s a known game bug) to reclaim any missing items – for the claws look to the dragon skull above the claw display shelf, hover cursor over it – make sure you are looking at the skull and not the wall or the flames - open the consol (the tilde key to the left of the 1) and type removeallitems player 1. The claws will return to your inventory. With the masks just click on the bust itself and follow the same procedure.

Reported conflict with one of the Dark Brotherhood quests. I can't recreate it myself although I have tried. This quest causes no problems for me. However in case you do get a problem - The quest is "Take the Hidden Treasure" and the reported conflict occurs with the variation called Cancelled Wedding which requires a treasure to be taken from the a tree stump within the grounds of Aspen Manor. If you play this questline and get this particular quest and then get a problem - it would be probably be better to complete it using the consol (its only getting treasure out of a tree stump so not really going to involve much in any case). After receiving the quest open the consol and type in SetStage DBTortureTreasureMiscObjective2 200.

It will conflict with any mod in the same area - this includes the cells it covers (39/-21; 39/-22; 39/-23) and also any cells with shared boundaries (where I have had to connect the navmesh). A mod on a shared boundary cell may run perfectly well but I can't guarantee it.
If you are using a mod which alters the children’s body or has their clothing in different slots from vanilla the children may remove their clothing in the pool area, I can't guarantee they will redress automatically when leaving it.

Umm quite a list, if I have missed anyone out my apologies, let me know and I will correct the list.
Most of the modders listed below are for meshes and textures except where otherwise marked
Berticus0001 (milking scripts, house purchase, and endless help and advice)
Clintster (for new housefire oven decals, some other bits and massive amounts of help, advice and tutoring with retextures)
Daemonjax (lighting ball scripts)
Dark Rider
RIP88 (pool furniture scripts)

You may use anything from this mod provided it was made by me although credit would be nice.
For all other resources please check with the modders concerned (unless it is a modders resource in the first place).
You may not upload this to any other site without my permission or do anything to change the esp and reupload it.
If you want to translate the mod that's fine, but please let me know first.

Manual installation
Place Aspen Manor.esp and Aspen Manor.bsa in your data folder at steam/steamapps/common/skyrim. Check that Aspen Manor is ticked in the launcher.

Manual Uninstallation
Move your spouse, followers and children out of the house and set another house as their home, remove all goods that you want to keep. Remove Aspen Manor.esp and Aspen Manor.bsa from your data folder.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

The house and grounds are stunning, there is everything I need here, lots of planters and the layout is very pleasing to look at I adore the social area with the sofas and the fireplace, the sheer amount of bookshelves is awesome I have so many books I have collected (my favourite is the Palla books that's a great tale) and I love the comfy sofas, the pretty floral one best and the curves on the arms of the red sofas are perfect I'd love to know where you got those sofas from. The guards are handy had a troll trying to get in last night and they took it down with a few arrows. This house seems like a real reward for taking down Alduin and offers the security and space to have your children move in, friends come over, I can imagine evenings spent around a fire out in the grounds, drinking mead and singing bawdy songs with the kids sleepily telling ghost stories about the lady in the lake as they sit in a secluded section near the water. Lovely. 

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