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A Dog for Bhisha 1.0.1a

Andrew Shaughnessy

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About This File

The skinned hound you receive as a reward for the Shivering Isles quest “Ushnar's Terror” really isn't much use – the brute generally dies in the next dungeon you hit. However, assuming you completed the quest without killing Bhisha, this mod allows you to give him his very own undead doggy companion!

When the hound appears you'll receive a journal update, scripted to appear only if Bhisha wasn't killed earlier. Seek him out and speak to him to receive his undying gratitude and a +30 disposition bonus. The dialogue disables the original hound and enables a new one. The new hound belongs to the New Sheoth and Bliss factions, plus the Bhisha faction I created for this mod. Its AI package is set to follow Bhisha wherever he goes. Otherwise it's identical to the original.

If the first hound catches up with you outside New Sheoth and manages to get itself killed, you'll receive an alternative journal entry. Either way, the quest is marked as completed.



OBSE – Elys – Universal Silent Voice. This will ensure dialogue subtitles stay on-screen long enough to read.

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