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  1. A Dog for Bhisha

    The skinned hound you receive as a reward for the Shivering Isles quest “Ushnar's Terror” really isn't much use – the brute generally dies in the next dungeon you hit. However, assuming you completed the quest without killing Bhisha, this mod allows you to give him his very own undead doggy companion!
    When the hound appears you'll receive a journal update, scripted to appear only if Bhisha wasn't killed earlier. Seek him out and speak to him to receive his undying gratitude and a +30 disposition bonus. The dialogue disables the original hound and enables a new one. The new hound belongs to the New Sheoth and Bliss factions, plus the Bhisha faction I created for this mod. Its AI package is set to follow Bhisha wherever he goes. Otherwise it's identical to the original.
    If the first hound catches up with you outside New Sheoth and manages to get itself killed, you'll receive an alternative journal entry. Either way, the quest is marked as completed.
    OBSE – Elys – Universal Silent Voice. This will ensure dialogue subtitles stay on-screen long enough to read.




  2. Verona House: Bloodlines - SI Version + Fixes

    Verona House: Bloodlines - Arthmoor's Fixes
    Verona House: Bloodlines is an extensive quest mod that takes place after the end of the main quest. It makes several additions to the game including a large town on the northwest portion of Lake Rumare.
    During the course of my attempt to complete this quest, I ran into a number of small bugs which needed to be fixed in order to be able to progress. Generally in the AI packs and dialogue conditions, but there were also some broken scripts as well. It is important to bear in mind that this fixed version DOES NOT necessarily fix every last bug, just those that were keeping me from continuing based on what I was doing. There may yet be more to find as it's a complex mod with a lot of different elements to experience.
    The meshes have all been run through PyFFI 2.1.7 to clear up any broken nodes and to optimize them at current levels. Jury is still out on whether they're all fixed or not, but so far there's nothing out of place.
    The textures have all been checked for the proper compression formats to cut down on VRAM usage. Again, so far there appear to be no anomalies.
    I've repackaged all of the loose files into a BSA since there's enough of them to warrant keeping things organized this way, including what portions of voiced dialogue there were. All of the assets in the BSA file are unique so there is no risk of a collision with the vanilla BSA archives.
    Because the voice files all depend on the ESP name, I have not removed the version number from the filename. The version number in the filename is not the true version number for the mod. There are also a number of patches which depend on this being named the way it is, so it can't be fixed. The true version I started from was labeled as version 1.4, which appears to be a file version that's no longer available anywhere. I am fairly certain it cam from DTom's original website and *NOT* from the copy currently uploaded to TES Nexus. I have designated this one as version 1.5.
    Full credit goes to DTom for the mod. All I did was fix what needed fixing. See his unaltered credits in the original Bloodlines.txt file for the rest. Please be aware that his original text references a lot of things that are no longer current. I have left the file in the last state he did in his original work.
    This fix package only covers the Shivering Isles version of the mod. Sorry. I don't have time to go digging around to remove the SI elements, nor would I consider it. If you don't have SI, then DO NOT INSTALL this as you'll probably break something.
    Now go have some fun and enjoy this mod! Despite the troubles, it's well worth playing.
    System Requirements
    The install requirements are slightly altered over the original:
    * Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.0416.
    * Shivering Isles required.
    OBSE is not required for this mod.
    Elys' Silent Voice is recommended as I'm not entirely sure if there are silent dialogue files for the non-voiced lines.
    Load Order
    This fixed version of the mod needs to load prior to any Unique Landscapes mods, as well as prior to any Open Cities mods or Better Cities mods. Use LOOT if you are unsure where to put it as LOOT has the current correct load order.
    All patches for Unique Landscapes are obsolete with this version. If you are using them, you may now deactivate them and forget they ever happened.
    All patches for Open Cities are obsolete with this version. Open Cities support is built-in now, which was one of the alterations DTom had previously approved of. You can now get rid of any Open Cities patches you are using with this.
    If you're using Region Revive and/or AFK_Weye, you need to make sure this fits in like so:
    Region Revive - Lake Rumare.esp
    VHBloodlines 1.2.esp
    Rumare-AFK_Weye Patch.esp
    Failure to set the proper order will result in land tearing in the Verona Bay town.




  3. Oblivion DLC Delayers

    This mod is a simple yet immersive and lore friendly way for the official DLC in Oblivion to be started. Normally when creating your character and exiting the prison cell, you are accosted by a number of highly unrealistic quest prompts that bombard you with information about things you should know nothing about and may not even want for the particular character you are playing. Instead, now you will either be able to find out about these quests via notes or in some cases simply by discovering the locations on your own.


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  4. WIP: Vampires Guild (Oblivion)

    This is a work-in-progress quest mod for Oblivion. I've been working on it for ages.
    Requires OBSE, and you should probably also have Elys Universal Silent Voice.
    It's an alpha, which means that it's to be used for constructive feedback -- not on saves you intend to keep.
    Feedback thread with more information here.




  5. A Brotherhood Renewed

    "The Cheydinhal Sanctuary is but one of many secret Dark Brotherhood safe havens spread across the Imperial Province."
    You've completed your contracts. You rose through the ranks. Lucien entrusted you with his life. After a long and difficult struggle, you saved the Dark Brotherhood from total annihilation. All that remains of the once proud and powerful organization are you, Arquen, and some lowly random murderer the two of you found. After all this you're satisfied with visiting Bravil once a week to collect a pittance of cash? Is there nothing more to be done? The story just ends here, like a bad movie? Not anymore. The time has come to reclaim lost power, to retake lost sanctuaries. To renew the Dark Brotherhood.
    This mod adds a short series of quests to the end of the saga of the Dark Brotherhood which takes place after your first visit to Bravil after becoming the Listener. I always felt that Bethesda cut things short at the end of the quest line. You're just supposed to continue on, as though nothing was wrong, after your entire organization was brought to its knees? What about all those sanctuaries out there the game makes a point of mentioning but you never see? This is my answer to that and at least brings things to a more sensible close by the time you are done.
    You may install this at any point during the game, it is not necessary to wait for the end of the quest line. In fact, some of the involved characters will exist and be out in the game world prior to everything turning for the worst. You may not even realize who they are when you find them. Once you have made it to the end of the quest line, visit the Night Mother statue in Bravil (and returned to Arquen with the info) at least once. You will be approached by a courier after 7 days to start things off. Though be patient, he needs to find you somewhere public.




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