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Water's Edge Reborn 1.1.3

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As I'm sure you know, the penultimate Fighters Guild quest results in the slaughter of everyone in Water's Edge. Water's Edge Reborn rebuilds the hamlet.


New NPCs

Speak to Marcel Amelion after completing the Fighters Guild quest line and he'll tell you that Count Marius Caro has put out a call for new settlers. The first of these will appear a week later; Erika, a Nord healer, and her daughter Elsa. They left Skyrim because, like many Nords, they're sick of snow and fancy the warmer climes of Blackwood. They're soon followed by J'kar and Ma'jhad, Khajiit brothers from Anequina in Elsweyr. They're equally tired of sand and want to live somewhere with decent rainfall to raise their crops and sheep. They have six of the latter, plus Shavari the dog.


New Dialogue

Marcel and his new neighbours all have unique dialogue. This ranges from Marcel's satisfaction that the Blackwood Company has been decommissioned to Erika's later admission that the two of them have grown... close. How close? You'll have to wait and see!


New Schedules

All NPCs now perform scheduled tasks throughout the week. J'kar takes his flock out to graze every morning. Marcel and Ma'jhad tend their crops on weekdays, while Erika practices her alchemy. Elsa harvests clouded funnel caps near Rockmilk Cave on Tirdas and runs errands to Border Watch on Turdas. On other mornings she sweeps the floor. Marcel will visit Biene's grave every afternoon.

On Loredas Erika reads her alchemy skill book while Elsa explores the wilderness south of Border Watch. After lunch J'kar and Ma'jhad leave Shavari to guard the house while they visit the Border Watch Inn for drinks before returning home for dinner. Marcel will begin having lunch with Erika and Elsa on Sundas, after which she'll accompany him to Biene's grave.



Shivering Isles, for Elsa's sweeping animation.

OBSE – Elys – Universal Silent Voice. This will ensure the subtitles stay on screen long enough to be read.


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5 hours ago, Allister said:

Hi Andrew or should I call you zymurgy65 ... your cover is blown lol :wave:

Good stuff posting your mod here as well as Nexus.... hope you post the rest of your mod collection here too :)

Yes, I registered on this site with my real name for some reason, thought I'd run this mod up the flagpole and see if anyone saluted! :lol: I'll probably upload a few more mods in the near future.

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