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                                Mages Cross
                                        by Antiscamp


Mages Cross adds a small village on the Gold Coast near Gweden Farm. Described by
the original author as "A Player Home with a picturesque town built around it". The town
has several NPCs including a blacksmith, trader, and garrison of guards. The NPCs all
gather at the Inn in the evenings. They grow a small sampling of crops. And have daily

Antiscamp left open permissions on all four mod villages. So long as credits were given.
I went the extra step of making personal contact and made a friend in the process. The
author was kind enough to give me editing access for the Nexus mods. I've tended to
them ever since.

Many changes were made to this plugin. Some for compatibility reasons, some improved
the look and feel of the place. Some corrected bugs in the mod. It was not my intention to
rebuild this village from the ground up, I liked it pretty much the way it was. So it still looks
for the most part as it always did. Hopefully my efforts make this a more user friendly place
to visit in your game. Enjoy!


First and foremost, Mages Cross has been moved about two game cells from it's original
location. This was done to eliminate a serious conflict with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.
Which placed an Ayleid Ruin in the same spot. The entire village was also spun 180
degrees, so that the road leading into the village passes through the town hall arch. I also
swapped positions for two of the homes to gain space in the town center. Giving the town
a slightly roomier feel.

The entire town is now closed in except for the main entry. Certain areas inside are walled
in and gated to create small garden areas, so now the people grow something to eat. Poor
lil guys were hungry. Moved the farmers x marker so he now works in his garden. 

Added a camp fire for the poor beggar. This was in the original mod...but was left hidden
under the terrain. Replaced most of the bushes surrounding the Mage stone with flowers. 
Making the stone more visible. Removed a number of the trees in and around the town, this
was one of the complaints from the comments section and I agree there were too many. 

Added a water static for the town well, and a circular tree bench for the town center. Added
road signs at two locations. Changed north markers for all interior spaces to reflect the new
orientation of the building exteriors. Last but not least, cleaned with TES4Edit to remove the
wild edits which were in the original version.  


I designed this to work around several other mods which add locations nearby. The edits ensure
it will not conflict with:

A. Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul (OOO) which adds three locations east of Anvil. 
B. Reclaiming Sancre Tor which adds a town on the river and edits Gweden Farm.
C. Unique Landscapes-Cliffs of Anvil which makes edits on the nearby river as well
D. Roads of Cyrodiil which adds a new road running right past the town location. I merged a
    portion of that new road into Mages Cross. With Arthmoor's permission. Compatibility with
    ROC is guaranteed so long as you set proper load order.

A compatibility patch for Highwood is available as an optional download.

A compatibilty patch for HESU Shipton is available Here


Shivering Isles (Not sure on this. But it was listed in the original readme)


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.  

2. Set load order...and play. 

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. These files are already recognized. Detailed load order
info is included in the read-me.


Bethesda           - for Oblivion and the CS
LHammonds      - for the readme generator this file was based on
Tes4Edit            - for cleaning the inevitible dirt which finds it's way into all mods
Antiscamp         - for the original Mages Cross and permission to use it
Arthmoor           - for use of ROC landscaping which saved me a ton of headaches
Stroti                  - for the Tree Bench resource
Texian                - for the static water mesh

Legal Stuff

I have left a copy of the original mod on the Nexus page under "Old Versions". Per Antiscamps original
readme, that version is free for anyone to use in any way they see fit, so long as proper credits are given.

This updated file is not. At least not while I am actively developing it. When all the wrinkles are ironed out,
I'll revert the permissions for this version also. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and understanding.


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2 hours ago, marob307 said:

do you youhave a log to see what did you change?

The description "Details" section tells what was changed. If you want a more detailed rundown no I don't still have the notes from back then. It's been...idk ..quite a while since I did all this. There are still some updates which need doing, and I am working my way around to them.

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