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Settlements Of Cyrodiil - Legion Outposts 1.1

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About This File

       Settlements of Cyrodiil
                             Legion Outposts

Before industrialization the main occupation of people, for ALL civilizations, has been agriculture.
Without a reliable source of food, no empire could fuel it's troops or civilian population for long.
Cyrodiil is vast, boasting 9 fortified cities and an immense population. Yet where does all the food
come from to feed that population?

Settlements of Cyrodiil is an attempt to answer that question. The project first began as an effort
to rescue some very nice farm and village mods that had gone to the wayside so to speak. Some of
these had fallen victim to un-patched conflicts with larger, more popular mods. Others were beta
releases that the original authors simply abandoned.


This is a merged version of Fort Nova Varos and Fort Novi Sad. It adds two fully functioning Legion
outposts on the far southern banks of the Niben. South of Leyawiin where the Niben meets Topal
Bay. Fort Nova Varos sits on the Western shoreline while it's sister outpost Fort Novi Sad sits on
the eastern shoreline.

Both of these outposts are updated versions of Poolacemail's original forts. They have been fully
relocated and given extensive makeovers. Additional resources have been added to flesh them out a
little more. The architecture is a unique combination of Leyawiin wood and lower class farmhouse.
The soldiers have full ai packages and can be seen performing various tasks throughout the day,
such as walking patrol and working in the fields. They wear custom armor which is meant to be a
regional, Leyawiin version of Legion Armor. They raise several types of crops, tend some chickens,
and have a pen of captured mud crabs.

There are Inns with rentable rooms in each which have non-respawning chests, and the Innkeepers
sell the crops which are raised. The Blacksmiths sell weapons and armors, will repair items, and are
journeyman level trainers for armorer. There are small dock areas in each with a rowboat which will
ferry you from one side of the river to the other. If you are a member of the Fighter's Guild there is a
tent with free bedroll near the docks in one outpost.

My focus has been to give the appearance of working Legion outposts that live off of what they
produce, and protect the Southern Cyrodiil borders.


The trails leading to the outposts can be found on the main road just outside the Leyawiin east gate
for Novi Sad, and just outside Greyland for Nova Varos. I have added in road signs to aid in finding
your way.


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
Settlements Of Cyrodiil Resource Pack v1.3


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice. 

2. Set load order and play.

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file as well. 

Compatibility Disclaimer

May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game area. Please understand that
any compatibility patches provided are specifically designed to work only for that particular conflict.
There are no guarantees they will work alongside anything else in your load order. 

There are patches available as optional downloads for Better Cities, Open Cities Reborn, Cyrodiil
Rebuild, Fort Akatosh Redux, Knights of The White Stallion, Kragenir's Death Quest, MTC Thieves
Grotto, The Golden Crest, Elsweyr_Leyawiin_Topal Bay Walkabout, and Unique Landscapes
Blackwood Forest.  

Guards of Cyrodiil Redux was made compatible via internal edits to Legion Outposts.

Guinefort's Roving Renrijra Krin mod contains an alternate Legion Outposts compatible version


Sita has provided a translation on the French mod site Confrerie Des Traducteurs.fr which can
be found here.

Alexxa has provided a translation on the Russion mod site TesAll.ru which can be found here.


Bethesda                    - for Oblivion and the CS
Nifskope and GIMP   - for the tools that made this possible.
Tes4Edit                     - for cleaning the inevitible dirt which finds it's way into all mods
LHammonds              - for the readme generator this file was based on
Poolacemail               - for the original Forts and for allowing me to revive them
Me                              - for putting this mod together

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my consent.

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Shares space with a bunch of different things. But that particular mod didn't exist at the time this was made. I may look into if a patch is realistic soon. I'm veering away from trying to make two different settlements coexist in such close proximity. If it was small things like 2-3 homes and some gardens ok. But MM's settlements are a bit more than that. Which kind of goes at odds with my theme.

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I found the main problem in that area was Walkabout, even with the Walkabout/SOC patch. It also affected the Roving Krin camp around there north of Varos. There was an odd glitch, an invisible 'wall' of sorts around it that prevented me from getting to it. FormID identified all the conflicting stuff around that camp as Walkabout's. Once I got rid of Walkabout, that issue went away, as well as the dock & ship conflicts it has with SOC & Topal's Rest.

EDIT: just discovered something new; not a big issue, just an FYI. Uncut places "Soul Bound Cave" right there on the newly-moved Roving Krin camp when using the Legion Outposts-compatible version, the same camp I mentioned above that mysteriously conflicted with Walkabout. As a result, the barrels, mats, tent, chest, chair, etc from the camp are floating in the air. I didn't try looking at the camp w/o Uncut, so I can't absolutely confirm that's causing the problem, but it seems reasonable since the camp & the cave are encroaching on each other. I then tried using the original Krin version that leaves the camp where it was; the Uncut cave is no longer a factor, but stuff is still floating. Without Legion Outposts installed, the camp is normal, so there seems to be an issue there. Unless some other mod is causing that, but I doubt it, since FormID identifies nothing but SOC & RRK in the affected area.

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When dealing with multiple plugins (mods or patches) in close proximity like this what you really need to be looking at is Tes4Edit...or the CS. You need to see which mods (and/or patches) are making land edits and how they overlap/interact. That's what gives you the real picture.

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It seems reasonably apparent the Legion Outposts-compatible Roving Krin plugin puts that particular camp too close to Uncut's cave. You moved it one cell over to avoid fighting with Legion guards, but maybe you're not using Uncut, or you'd probably have seen that cave. I thought it would interest you to troubleshoot since you're also the one who did the Uncut patches, but it doesn't matter much to me, since it's a small issue - one camp floating. I found a fair solution to the issues in that area was to eliminate Topal's Rest & Walkabout, and just use Legion Outposts & Roving Krin with the original esp. They do fight too much with the original camp, but the alternative is to have Uncut's cave mess the relocated camp up, so it's the lesser of two evils. That was brutal trying to deal with those 4 mods conflicting in that area, but getting rid of 2 got it fairly close to acceptable.

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I'm very much aware of Soulbound cave. However, I didn't make the compatible version of Roving Renrijra Krin, Guinefort did that. If memory serves Uncut wasn't around yet then...or maybe just in it's infancy. In any case I can take a fresh look at all this when time allows. 

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Ah, thanks for clarifying that. I assumed it was you since I've never seen her make patches or alt versions of stuff before, at least to my knowledge. My apologies for thinking you'd made an error of some sort, when you had nothing to do with it.

BTW, I was surprised to see a ULM-LegionOutposts-BetterCitiesFull-BlackwoodForest patch come popping out of the UL compilation patch wizard installer today. It had never come out before, I didn't know it existed. All that time I was struggling with those mods, maybe that patch could've helped some things, I don't know. I did notice the Walkabout/Outposts patch didn't work at all for me; ships & docks on Topal Bay S of Varos (where the teleporting rowboats are) were colliding big time. Maybe if I'd used the other patch along with it, who knows. I stopped caring about Walkabout though; too extensive to be compatible.

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Yeah she doesn't usually, that was kind of a one off thing. Oh and you just reminded me, thank you, I haven't sent any of the recent patches (or updated patches) over to Vorians for inclusion. I usually send them right away. Have to get on that.

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Posted (edited)

This still needs some work. The Walkabout patch is broken in some ways since that mod's author makes frequent changes to it. He's aware of the conflicts with Legion Outposts and made changes to try to fix them, but with your now-outdated Walkabout patch installed, it's still not right by the ocean, and without your patch, some areas seem to be messed up. Also Topal's Rest Village still needs a patch for use with Legion Outposts, Walkabout, and all 3 together. It can't be used at all until then. And Uncut has a cave near the Renjira Krin camp in that area which is most likely responsible for making the camp float.

Edited by songlife
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