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Diverse Guards 2.2.1

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One of the things that I liked about OOO was that it made some of the city guards female. This makes the cities feel much more balanced somehow, improving immersiveness. Having played OOO for a bit I decided that it wasn't the game I wanted to play, but I found I having seen female guards in the cities, their absence in the vanilla game annoyed me. So, I decided to create a mod to put them back in.

I decided to go a bit beyond that, though. While it actually strikes me a sort-of-reasonable that all the guards and legionaries in Cyrodiil would be of the Imperial race, I think it much more likely there may be sprinkling of some of the other races in the ranks.

The end result is this mod. It changes approximately a third of the various city guards - and most of the roaming legionaries on the road - according to three "levels" of user-selectable diversity:

* Imperial - Some guards are changed to be female, but they are all still Imperials.

* Human - As well as being female, some of the guards become Redguard or Nord, and there are a few male Redguard or Nord guards too.

* All Races - In addition to the above there is a single instance of each of the remaining races. I've tried to put them where I think it would be sensible to expect them.

Version 2.0 of this mod adds two additional features. Firstly, you can now vary the degree of diversity above on a city-by-city basis - for example, if you want Skingrad to contain only Imperial guards while everywhere else retains their complement of all the races, you now can. Secondly, there is now support for Open Cities Classic and Open Cities Reborn. Version 2.1 fixes some dialogue-related issues, and also provides a compatability patch for Reneer's Guard Overhaul. Version 2.2 contains some more dialogue fixes, improves compatability with KotN and obsoletes the specialised support for modular OCC and OCR.

See the ReadMe file in the download for installation instructions.


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