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Settlements Of Cyrodiil - Wickmere Farm 1.1

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About This File

       Settlements Of Cyrodiil
                                           Wickmere Farm


Before industrialization the main occupation of people, for ALL civilizations, has been agriculture.
Without a reliable source of food, no empire could fuel it's troops or civilian population for long.
Cyrodiil is vast, boasting 9 fortified cities and an immense population. Yet where does all the food
come from to feed that population? Settlements of Cyrodiil is an attempt to answer that question.

The project first began as an effort to rescue some very nice farm and village mods that had gone
to the wayside so to speak. Some of these had fallen victim to un-patched conflicts with mods.
Others were unfinished beta releases that the original authors simply abandoned.


Wickmere Farm adds a fully functioning settlement just east of the Imperial City on the banks of
Lake Rumare. It was originally created by Poolacemail, titled To Feed an Empire- Wickmere Farm,
and occupied more or less the same real estate it currently rests in.

Wickmere Farm in it's current form has received an extensive makeover to eliminate known mod
conflicts. Additional resources have been added to flesh it out a little more. The occupants have
full ai packages and can be seen performing various tasks throughout the day. They raise several
different types of crops, sheep, and chickens and also fish the nearby lake.

My focus has been to give the appearance of a working farm that lives off of what it produces.
You will find a vendor near the dock who sells some of the goods. There are no buyable homes or
beds to sleep in. I may add a mat in the sheep pen.

While I have done my best to iron out all the glitches, it seems there is always something to fix. I
welcome all feedback and constructive criticism. Hopefully you will enjoy visiting this place as
much as I did.


The path leading to the village can be found on the Red Ring Road just south of the burned down
shop "All Things Alchemical".


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
Settlements Of Cyrodiil Resource Pack v1.3


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice. 

2. Set load order and play. 

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. Both of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with the read-me file as well. 

Compatibility Disclaimer

May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game area. Please understand that any
compatibility patches provided are specifically designed to work only for that particular conflict. There are
no guarantees they will work alongside anything else in your load order. 

The only conflict I am aware of is Ryu Doppler's "Milewood" mod. An alternate Milewood compatible esp is
provided as a separate download. Simply replace the standard .esp with this one, DO NOT USE BOTH. If
you do not actually have Milewood installed, using the alternate version will crash the game. 


Sita has provided a translation on the French mod site Confrerie Des Traducteurs.fr which can
be found here.

Alexxa has provided a translation on the Russion mod site TesAll.ru which can be found here.


Bethesda                    - for Oblivion and the CS
Nifskope and GIMP    - for the tools that made this possible.
Tes4Edit                     - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods
LHammonds              - for the readme generator this file was based on
Poolacemail               - for the original Wickmere Farm and allowing me to revive it
Me                              - for design and creation of the mod as it exists now

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my express consent.


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

conflicts with my favorite castle, Rumare Castle.  I was hoping this would help me feed everyone, and bring in some neighbors.  But It occupies the same area .

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Ho Ho,

After all this time, a conflict report. I vaguely remember that castle mod, maybe, can't be sure though because I've tried so many castle mods. Will look it up and add it to the conflict list. I'm back working on this series now, so when I get far enough along a compatibility patch might be possible.

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thank you , It  is a nice castle, without being over the top. and has a Quest to aquire it, that can be done early in rhe game.   And thank you for all the other work you do to make Oblivion better.  

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