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Miscellaneous Quests... as Miscellaneous Quests 1.0.0

About This File

Inspired by a long dead mod that did the same thing, this mod aims to declutter the journal somewhat by re-categorizing most of Skyrim's minor quests that had proper journal entries into miscellaneous quests. With two exceptions, which were included because part of them relied heavily on pure chance, and thus, they could remain in the journal indefinitely, all of these quests are quests that can recur indefinitely, or that never actually stop. This mod does not affect major one-time quests which have a lot of story behind them, nor does it affect quests that recur a set number of times.

Compatibility and consistency patches for other mods can be found in the optional files section. Ensure that these patches load after both this mod and the mod they patch, or they may not work as expected.

-Animal Extermination
-Trouble In Skyrim
-Hired Muscle
-Escaped Criminal
-Rescue Mission
-Striking The Heart
-Stealing Plans
-Family Heirloom
-Dragon Seekers
-The Dark Brotherhood Forever
-The Shill Job
-The Fishing Job
-The Sweep Job
-The Burglary Job
-The Heist Job
-The Numbers Job
-The Bedlam Job
-Shalidor's Insights

-The Hunt
-Culling the Beast
-Deceiving the Heard
-Protecting the Bloodline
-Ancient Power
-Hide and Seek
-Cleansing Light
-Preemptive Strike
-Hunting the Monster
-A Jarl's Justice
-New Allegiances

-Azra's Staffs
-Heart Stones
-Filial Bonds

Cutting Room Floor:
-Animal Pelt Collection

Also includes patches for "Thieves Guild Alternate Routes - Taking Care of Business Mod", "Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul" and "Dawnguard - Tweaks and Enhancements".

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I ran into a slight glitch the first time I ran the game with this mod and I hope you can help. 

I had already completed the quest "Filial Bonds" but it came back as a miscellaneous quest that I could not clear. 

I even tried setstage DLC2WB01 15 then 100 per the bugfix guide and the journal entry is still there. 


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Are you the creator of the original? Any idea what happened to the original?

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patch for dawnguard tweaks and enhancements has the wrong master, its asking for dawnguard radiant quest requirments,   ahh nvm, dawnguard tweaks and enhancements was updated, you need to use the legacy version

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