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Get Both Rewards 1.1

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This mod allows you to get both rewards for various quests with more than one reward in immersive ways

Get Both Rewards for Clavicus Vile's Quest...Sorta
Like my other similarly named mods, this mod lets you get both rewards for a quest, this time Clavicus Vile's quest. However, since you actively give one reward up for the other in this quest rather than unknowingly choosing, you won't outright get both rewards, you have to find the one you gave up. I won't say directly where they will appear, but I will tell you that one is surrounded by instruments, and the other is surrounded by werewolves. 

Credit to soulracmgp for finding a way to implement this without directly editing the quest.

Get Both Rewards for Cidhna Mine
This mod enables you to get both rewards from the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine without cheating. It does so by:

-Placing the Silver-Blood Family Ring into Thonar Silver-Blood's inventory, so it can pickpocketed or taken from his corpse when siding with Madanach.

-Placing a dead foresworn in the escape route wearing the Armor of the Old Gods, presumably having tried and failed to break Madanach out, when siding with Thonar.

Get Both Rewards for Hircine's Quest
This mod makes it so that no matter which path you take in the quest, Ill Met By Moonlight, you will get both the Ring of Hircine and the Savior's Hide. No special action is needed, both will be given when speaking to Hircine at the end of the quest.

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can I save  Erandur and get the skull of corruption at the same time with this for Waking Nightmare?

I'd like to have Erandur as a follower and there's mods that do that too

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is there a Wintersun compatable version or a way to just use the Ill met and Cidhna Mine portions?

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Thank you for posting all of these mods here!!!  I had used them before from N. and just noticed that they are gone from there now, and had a brief moment of panic until I found them here.

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Posted (edited)

I would like to have a direct answer to where can I find either one of the 2 artifacts from A Daedra's Best Friend.


Edit: I think it means that The Masque is in The Bard's College and the Axe is in The Companion's place. I will test it out myself to see


Edit 2: The Rueful Axe is in Gallow's rock and the Masque is in the Bard's College. I was half right.


Edit 3: I think there is a bit of a bug. The Axe spawns just fine, but the Masque doesn't. Here is Where the masque should be btw, and here is where the Axe spawns


Axe Spawn Location    Axe Spawn Location



Masque Spawn Location   20230302181125_1.thumb.jpg.a86d83a4f624362a839d458f6ed0f137.jpg


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