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Undeath Remastered - No Auto Quest Start 1.0.1

About This File

I'm sure many of you have heard of the mod Undeath by Antioch08. It adds a questline involving stopping the emergence of a lich, and provides the opportunity to become one yourself. However, while the questline doesn't begin until level 30, it just shows up in the journal out of the blue without warning.

I personally found this immersion-breaking, so I made this plug-in to "fix" it. With this plug-in, the Undeath questline will begin through a letter from Illia, delivered after completing the quest "Repentence" and the usual level 30, as opposed to being thrown at you.

This obviously requires Undeath, and from what I can tell, should work with lich overhauls just fine. So long as the first quest in Undeath isn't touched, it will play fine with this plug-in.

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