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Gruffydd's Pool Table Storage Racks 1.0.0

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Got a nice pool table, but your cues, balls, and triangle are just sitting wherever you dropped them? Tired of stuff occasionally falling through the pool table (and then the floor, and then the ground...) when you load your game? Just want to spiffy up your billiard room? Well, now's your chance!

Added here are three variants of a pool table storage rack, holding four cues, all 16 balls, a triangle, and even some chalk.


Variant 1: Lore friendly, with all vanilla meshes and textures.

Variant 2: A nice version crafted by local Commonwealth artisans, with polished dark wood, fancy cues, and a new skin for the balls with bolder colors, using the Brunswick pattern of having the color stripe around the middle, rather than where the number is. The chalk even has a nice wrapper on it. Plus, the glass on the cabinet has been replaced, and a backdrop of luxurious green felt covers the back of the cabinet.

Variant 3: The same as variant 2, except instead of felt is has a nice period pinup (from the public domain) as the backdrop. Great for any man cave you may be putting together.

All three are available as both decorative versions and as containers.
Also, the mod is an .esl, so does not count against your mod limits! 
Alas, none of them are actually usable to play billiards, but they sure do make your non-functional billiard room look nice!


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