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Cities, Towns & Settlements

Places to go, people to see. Various cities, towns, and settlements to visit.

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  1. Gruffydd's Signs and Posters

    Like this mod? Use it a lot? Please consider joining my Patreon. Thanks!
    Play on the XBox? This modular version is now available on Bethesda.net for XB1! Since all of the modules (not the core mod, but the plugin modules) are .esl, they shouldn't even count against your mod limit! Bethesda.net | Gruffydd's Signs and Posters - Modular Mod

    Welcome to the new and improved Gruffydd's Signs and Posters!
    GS&P is a Fallout 4 mod that adds more than 900 custom signs, posters, and a few other items, all available in your settlement menus.
    You'll also get every vanilla sign or poster I could find, now merged in with GS&P. Formerly, these were in the Signs of the Times add-on mod. Those signs and posters, along with a bunch more newly added, are now all in one plugin for this mod.
    So how does it work?
    GS&P is now in modular format. This means that you will need the base mod (GruffyddSandP), and then can pick and choose which of the plugins you want to add on. All of the plugins are flagged as .esl, so they won't count against your mod limit.
    Just choose the ones you want, along with the base mod. Be sure to install SMM (Settlement Menu Manager) first, though, as this mod uses SMM to add a separate menu, with the stuff inside sorted into different subfolders to reduce scrolling and make it easier to find objects.
    Some of the plugins are chock full of stuff, others not so much. It was designed to be expanded later, as I have time to create more stuff. This especially applies to the different factions. Right now the only one I've done a lot on is the Minutemen, but others will come later.
    What plugins are included?
    Added Settlements - New settlement signs - generic, BoS, Institute and Minutemen - for more than a score of new non-vanilla settlement locations. These are locations that are either obvious choices or ones that were specifically requested, and are for use with mods that add new settlement locations or that allow you to select or create your own.
    Businesses - Contains everything that relates to a place of business that isn't included in another category.
    ChurchGraveHolidays - A catch-all for anything that might include religious stuff. Churches, graveyards, posters related to holidays, that kind of thing. I got a request from someone a while back to add some items for their religion because it was so underrepresented (as in non-existent) within the vanilla game. I did, and also added in a couple of items for other religions. If you want something added, let me know. If the whole thing offends you, just don't use this module.
    Community - All of the community assets, things that a settlement would see as a common resource. Things like schools, a community greenhouse, a community pool, a crafting hall, and a community notice board.
    Entertainment - All things entertaining. Music, movies, clubs, billiards, and so on.
    FactionsBrotherhood - Everything relating to the Brotherhood of Steel.
    FactionsInstitute - Everything relating to the Institute.
    FactionsMinutemen - Everything relating to the Minutemen. In addition to generic stuff, there are items added to support three different visions of the Minutemen. The first is a benevolent communal effort, where everyone pitches in to help create a better wasteland. Optimistic if possibly naive. This is what Preston seems to be wanting, as far as I can tell. The second is a militia, organized along military lines. It's there to protect people and settlements and to fight off or eliminate threats. Everything else is up to the settlers to deal with. This is more like what the pre-Quincy Minutemen were, like the ones at the Castle. The third is a dystopian version, where the Minutemen are just as corrupt as any of the "bad guy" factions. The General rules with an iron fist, and dissidents vanish in the middle of the night, taken for "re-education".
    FactionsRailroad - Everything relating to the Railroad.
    FactionsOther - Anything that's a faction that's not one of the "big four". This includes raiders, atom cats, enclave, gunners, and so on. Right now this is very sparse, but I'll add stuff later, especially if anything specific is requested.
    FoodAndDrink - If it relates to food or drink production or distribution and doesn't fit in one of the more specific plugins (ex: Community Greenhouse) it's in here.
    GenericAndMiscellaneous - All of the generic signs and other stuff that didn't fit in any of the other categories.
    GenericSettlements - All of the settlement signs that aren't affiliated with a faction. If you want the faction versions, they're in the faction plugins.
    Graffiti - Various images and text designed to be "spray painted" onto a wall or similar surface. Includes a craftable spray paint object that is needed to make any graffiti. Don't worry, it's easily crafted.
    LawAndSafety - Everything related to law and safety. Police/sheriff stuff, warning signs, signs welcoming or warning off certain types of people, that kind of thing.
    Lodging - Anything that relates to a place where you can stay. Mostly hotels and motels.
    Vintage - Real-world stuff old enough to be out of copyright that doesn't fit in one of the other categories. At this point, it's all WWI and WWII propaganda posters that I thought would go well with the overall theme of the game, set up to look worn and faded.
    In addition, there are three other plugins that are "finished", in that I don't expect to be updating them.
    SignsOfTheTimes - All the stuff from the old Signs of the Times mod, plus a bunch of other vanilla signs and posters that I found and added. If you're looking for a vanilla sign or poster, it's probably in here.
    VegaOne - All of the stuff designed by guest artist VegaOne.
    MurkwaterOil - All of the stuff created for a specific build someone wanted to make at the Murkwater settlement location.
    Pick the ones you like, leave out the ones you don't. It's that easy.
    What do I need to do to install it?
    NMM Community Edition: Use the Install From File function (a yellow puzzle-piece looking thing on the left side of your screen).
    Vortex: Drop it into the area at the bottom for manually installing mods.
    MO2: I don't use it myself, but I've had reports that people using the current version of MO2 have had no problems with manually installing this mod. If you for some reason do, please try a completely manual install (placing the files where they need to be manually, without using MO2, then activating the mod in MO2 once everything is where it needs to be).
    Something Else: Heck if I know. There's all sorts of stuff out there, I guess. Read the manual for your mod organizer, and see what it says about manual installs.
    No matter how you install it, you will need Settlement Menu Manager (SMM) for this to work, so install that first! Be sure to follow the installation instructions for SMM, or it might not load the mod correctly!
    A few addendums:
    1) There are probably a few items that are in the wrong category. If you notice one, please let me know. I'll move any identified to their proper location when I get the chance.
    2) I haven't figured out how to pack these as ba2 yet. All the tutorials make it sound easy, but it just doesn't want to work for me, and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. If anyone has a tutorial that shows explicitly how to do it, and is willing to share it, I would love to see it. For the time being, these are all loose files (just as has always been the case with GS&P).
    3) If there's something you'd like to see added, ask. I may not include everything requested, but if it appeals to me or sounds like a reasonable addition, I'll see what I can do. All that I ask is to please be specific. Don't say "can you add more Enclave stuff". Ask for specific items.
    This mod has taken many, many hours to make, and future updates will take many, many more. If you enjoy this mod and feel like saying thanks by buying me a beverage, or just chipping some cash my way, please check out my Patreon, which you can get to with the link in the icons below. It's pretty bare bones, because I spend my creative time here on the mod, not on Patreon, but know that if you do choose to support me, it's greatly appreciated!
       <-- Click these for my Patreon. The one at the very bottom of the page is for AFKMods itself. Thanks!




  2. Gruffydd's Signs of the Times

    All five of Gruffydd's Signs of the Times mods, together in one place, with categorization!
    This mod includes all five of the Signs of the Times mods, gathered together into one mod and categorized.
    It's set up as an add-on to Gruffydd's Signs and Posters, so you'll need that too.
    So, what does this mod do?
    It adds in a huge number of vanilla signs and posters (not all, but all that I could find at my skill level back when I was putting this together) as placeable objects. These are added to Gruffydd's Signs and Posters as a submenu, using the same categorization system used there to keep menus manageable.
    When you want to place one of my original signs, posters, or objects, they're in the menus for GS&P. When you want to place a vanilla asset that wasn't included in the vanilla workshop menus, they're in the submenu for this mod.
    You don't need this mod to use GS&P, but you do need GS&P to use this mod.
    Q: Does this work with Settlement Keywords/Homemaker/Better Stores/Whatever
    A: Yes, as long as you are using the required mod "Gruffydd's Signs and Posters" with SMM.
    Q: I can't find any of the objects. Where are they?
    A: Everything is in the Decorations->Gruffydd->Signs of the Times folder. If the menus are there but no objects show up, and you're using MO2, you'll need to do a manual install. If no menus are showing up, once you're out of the vault use the SMM holotape.
    Q: Why are a bunch of the objects purple?
    A: That indicates a missing texture. If the object is from a DLC, then it's probably purple because you haven't bought the DLC. Bethesda doesn't allow modders to release DLC content to people who haven't bought the DLC. If it's something not from a DLC, please let me know, so I can troubleshoot it.
    Q: It's crashing on startup. Why?
    A: The only reason it should do that is if there's a missing master, which in this case would be the Gruffydd's Signs and Posters mod. Download the appropriate version of that mod, and the problem should go away.
    Q: It's crashing when I'm moving through the menu to place things. Why?
    A: That usually indicates a missing mesh. Check your game files to make sure all of the meshes are in the folders where they should be. If any are missing, you'll need to reinstall the mod or drag the objects in from a manual download.
    Q: Why didn't you include Object X?
    A: Probably because I didn't know about it when I was putting this mod together (exception: I could not get that accursed "Choice Cuts" sign to work, so that's why it's not there). Or, it may be from a DLC added after I ran out of time to be able to add more stuff to this mod.
    Q: Could you make a custom version of Object X?
    A: Not here, this mod is for vanilla stuff. If you want custom stuff, head over to Gruffydd's Signs and Posters.
    Q: When are you going to add the signs and posters from NukaWorld?
    A: At this point, it's probably not going to happen. I've had very limited time for the last couple of years, and have to pick and choose where I can dedicate my time. At this point, when I can do modding at all, it's usually over at Gruffydd's Signs and Posters.
    Q: GruffyDD? What does that mean?
    A: No, not GruffyDD. Gruffydd. It's a Welsh name, that is basically pronounced "Griffith". It's my SCA persona name.
    Q: What is the ultimate answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
    A: 42.




  3. Gruffydd's Pool Table Storage Racks

    Got a nice pool table, but your cues, balls, and triangle are just sitting wherever you dropped them? Tired of stuff occasionally falling through the pool table (and then the floor, and then the ground...) when you load your game? Just want to spiffy up your billiard room? Well, now's your chance!
    Added here are three variants of a pool table storage rack, holding four cues, all 16 balls, a triangle, and even some chalk.

    Variant 1: Lore friendly, with all vanilla meshes and textures.
    Variant 2: A nice version crafted by local Commonwealth artisans, with polished dark wood, fancy cues, and a new skin for the balls with bolder colors, using the Brunswick pattern of having the color stripe around the middle, rather than where the number is. The chalk even has a nice wrapper on it. Plus, the glass on the cabinet has been replaced, and a backdrop of luxurious green felt covers the back of the cabinet.
    Variant 3: The same as variant 2, except instead of felt is has a nice period pinup (from the public domain) as the backdrop. Great for any man cave you may be putting together.
    All three are available as both decorative versions and as containers.
    Also, the mod is an .esl, so does not count against your mod limits! 
    Alas, none of them are actually usable to play billiards, but they sure do make your non-functional billiard room look nice!




  4. Gruffydd's Signs and Posters


    New Signs and Posters for Your Settlements
    Tired of the same old vanilla signs? Want to add some color and variety to your settlements?
    Need to spice up that merchant district you made? Now you can!
    This mod adds HUNDREDS of new, custom signs and posters, plus a few extra goodies.
    These aren't vanilla imports. Each has been hand-crafted to add new and interesting variety and detail to your settlements.
    What's that? Too many, your Decorations menu is cluttered enough? Not to worry! This mod works with SMM (Settlement Menu Manger), which adds a separate, structured menu to Decorations.
    Big signs! Little signs! Different shapes! 100% custom work!
    Your settlement will never be bland again!
    Includes Settlement Name Signs
    Tired of Covenant being the only place with a big new sign out front?
    Signs with the names of almost all of the settlements are available for all three major factions (Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, Minutemen).
    Let everyone know your settlement is a step up from the usual shanty town!
    As seen in many YouTube videos!
    (Usually in the background while something else is being featured)
    Attention Mod Organizaer 2 Users:
    MO2 does not play well with this mod. You may end up with the menus showing up fine, but all the objects are invisible.
    If you have this issue, you will need to manually install the mod.
    Credits, Q&A and Links:
    A big thanks to those real-life folks who have granted permission to use their likenesses and/or the names of their groups in this mod.
    Omnia (World of OMNIA)
    The Reduced Shakespeare Company (Home | Reduced Shakespeare Company)
    Sabaton (Sabaton | Official Website)
    I do not have the legal right to give these permissions to others, so please do not include this mod in any mod packs or otherwise redistribute it.
    These folks were all cool enough to kindly give their permissions to me when asked, so please let's not do anything to upset them.
    I found some nice graphics available for use on a site called Freepik.com. Their free license requires attribution, so here it is.
    Only a few items were used as presented, most were modified, or I only used a portion.
    Freepik * macrovector/Freepik * pch.vector/Freepik * macrovector_official/Freepik * dgim-studio/Freepik
    Another similar site is Vecteezy.com. Here's the attribution for them: Vecteezy
    A number of the fonts used in this mod are licensed to me by their creators for non-commercial use only. Most of these were found on fontspace.com or DaFont.com.
    This mod is entirely the work of Steven Sauer aka Gruffydd, with the exception of the "VegaOne" section, in which all textures are the work of VegaOne. This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by Zenimax or its affiliates.
    Q: I know this mod, it's from NexusMods. Why has it shown up here? Has it been pirated?
    A: No, just moved. For reasons too complex to go into here, I have decided that NexusMods is no longer the best home for my mod. Since I know that this site respects modder's rights to their own work, I have decided that this will be the new home for this mod going forward.
    Q: It's not working right, the signs and posters are sinking into the walls. Why is it broken?
    A: Well, it's really not. The signs and posters are designed to be flush with the walls (in other words, attached to the walls, not floating in front of them) if you are using vanilla construction assets. Some mods add new construction assets, and not all of them have the collision in the same place. Some of them have it slightly further inside. This means that when it snaps, it snaps to a plane that is actually inside the wall, and that's why it looks like there's a problem. There are a few fixed structures in settlements (such as portions of the exterior house walls in Sanctuary) that also have this issue.
    If this is happening to you, there are a couple of ways around it. You can layer the object so that it's on something that sticks out from the wall slightly, but is hidden by the sign or poster. You can use one of the excellent mods out there that let you place objects in spots other than the normal snap points. Or you can choose a different wall, or different location for the poster or sign.
    Will this ever get "fixed"? No, because for those using vanilla assets, it's not broken, so there's nothing to fix.
    Q: Help! Something went wrong and now a menu is missing!
    A: For various reasons, this can sometimes happen. It shouldn't happen with just general use, but if you remove this mod, or add new mods, there's always the possibility of something glitching. If this happens to you, and you're using Settlement Menu Manager (SMM), there's a function on the holotape to recover lost menus. If you're not using SMM, then that's why it's not working. Or at least a reason why.
    Rumor is that installing this mod (or any mod that modifies menus) at the start of the game before you leave the vault can sometimes result in the menu being missing. If the SMM holotape does not fix it in these situations, uninstall the mod, save, then once you're outside the vault reinstall, and it should either appear automatically or be recoverable through the SMM holotape at that point.
    Q: Is this the same as the version on NexusMods?
    A: No. Or at least, it won't be after I post an update. This version will get updated. The old version will not. And this assumes that I don't take the "nuclear option" and remove my mods from the Nexus by August 4th.
    Q: Why is the X-Box version on Bethesda.net so much smaller than this one?
    A: When Bethesda.net first started hosting mods, I promptly ported mine over. I then got mostly negative feedback, mainly about the file size, with people demanding that I somehow magically reduce the file size without reducing the quality of the images. It quickly became apparent that 1) if I continued to add new stuff, the data cap would become more and more of an issue, and 2) the environment was toxic. The first made it difficult for me to update, the second made it undesirable. So, I have since focused on the PC version, which is the only one (that wasn't pirated) that has all of the assets in it.
    Q: Can you split out this list of assets into a separate, smaller mod?
    A: No. I barely have time to update this mod, much less spend many hours making subset mods. If for some reason you really don't want some of the assets, learn to use FO4Edit, and remove the static, material replacer, and constructible for the ones you don't want.
    Q: What does GruffyDD mean?
    A: Well, it's not GruffyDD, it's Gruffydd. It's a Welsh name, basically pronounced "Griffith". It was the first part of the name of my SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) persona, and I've used it here as well. Why did I choose a Welsh name? It's a small part of my actual heritage, I was really into archery, and to annoy the heralds.




  5. Workshop Population Controller

    Simply speaking, this mod does for real what the mod "Increased Settler Population" (Nexus modID = 1618) claims to do: it allows all workshops to spawn more settlers, up tp a limit that may range from 20-50, depending on the workshop's size (see the additional features listed below).
    The mod "Increased Settler Population" is modifying a game setting that has no effect on the population limit because the workshops are simply not checking it. As has been found out however, that setting is used by workshop mode when it displays the location list that shows up when a settler is activated to send him to another workshop: in that list, any location with a population higher than the value stored in the game setting will be grayed out (i.e. it can't be selected). Increasing the game setting largely removes that limitation and therefore, "Increased Settler Population" does still allow for higher workshop populations - but only indirectly: to realize them, you have to move the settlers manually from workshops that are still recruiting to the workshops of your choice.
    This mod does both: increase the population limit on the workshops (so they will eventually reach the higher limit all on their own) and remove the limitation to moving settlers around.
    Note however that it will not work on raider workshops (they are using their own versions of the base game workshop scripts and I did simply not conceive this mod to include them).
    Additional features:
    Since workshops in FO4 have variable sizes, an increase of the population limit is not everywhere preferrable. Take Hangman's Alley and Murkwater Construction Site as examples: they barely can accomodate the vanilla population limit (which may be as high as 26 if you make use of all charisma-boosting equipment available in an unmodded game).  To account for this, I have classified the workshops in three categories: small, medium and large. Small ones will keep to the vanilla limit, medium ones will end up around 35 and large ones around 50, according to the new calculation formula:  MaxPopulation = 10 + CharismaMultiplier x PlayerCharisma.  The charisma multipliers are different for small, medium and large settlements. Vanilla workshops will stop spawning new settlers if there are 5 or more settlers unassigned. With this mod active, that check is overridden. Installation:
    The download contains two versions, one for use with all DLCs, the other for use with no DLCs. Open the folder of your choice and drop the esp and the archive into your Fallaout4/Data folder. Note that the No_DLC versionwill also work dine with all DLCs active. You'll only miss the size classification for the DLC-added workshops. Uninstallation:
    As a scripted mod, uninstallation will leave permanent traces in yoour save (this is inherent to all scripted mods). Nonetheless, lasting effects on your game due to an uninstallation are not to be expected, because this mod does not modify any vanilla scripts or objects (it only runs a brand new script from a mod-added quest). Compatibility:
    There are no conflicts known nor expected, because this mod does not touch any vanilla script nor any vanilla object. Because it gets the workshop refs it's working on by reading the Workshops array from WorkshopParentScript, it will even work with mod-added workshops.


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  6. Hangman's Alley Shack Scrap

    A small mod that makes the remaining shack and the wooden stairs at Hangman's Alley scrappable.
    Just that and nothing else.




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