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The Fall of Granite Hill 1.0.10

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Granite Hill - Three Farms and an Inn, just North of the Falkreath. A Market is Held here Weekly. -- Survey of the Holdings of Jarl Gjalund

Granite Hill is mentioned in a few places in lore and existed prior to the 4th Era. However nothing remained of it in Skyrim by 4E 201 except the dragon mound where Vuljotnaak was buried in ancient times. All well and good, but with no explanation for what may have happened to the place it felt like a good enough opportunity to tell my own version of events here. With this mod, the 3 farms and the inn are back, but instead of the weekly market, the town has a blacksmith. Of course, that would not be much of a fate, would it? Granite Hill's fate is sealed from the moment Alduin burned down Helgen. Surely the beast and his newly resurrected allies didn't stop there...


* A fully working town prior to Alduin's return. 3 farms, an inn, and a blacksmith. Plus town guard patrols from Falkreath Hold.
* Upon Vuljotnaak's resurrection by Alduin, the village will be in flames. This will last as long as the dragon is alive.
* Following the dragon's death, the fires will go out but the town now lies in ruins, swallowed by the World Eater.

Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to be installed first!

What's New in Version 1.0.10


Updated USSEP synchronization.

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I've wanted a Granite Hill for years. There's another newish one (from last year) on Nexus, but it's too elaborate. This is just right!

Works with Touring Carriages (although I've only tried one path so far). The stable shed is just across from the Inn, and the horse positions don't interfere. However, 5 years ago in anticipation of this, I'd chosen an injected number for the Map Marker (01018a48 matching the 00018a48 location), so that others could override/share it. If you use the same, we won't have 2 map markers so close together.

I'm using the location HorseMarkerRef. Hopefully, that isn't wiped out by your patch. Or you could add one in the same place to yours. That wouldn't need an injected number.

Also, I've just seen the woman at the northern farm slowly force her way through the chicken coop and the railing to her next sitting position. Likely something odd about the navmesh there.

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>Is Falkreath

>Jarl is overthrown in a Imperial Coup and is replaced by a criminal who collaborates with bandits

>Helgen, one of the three major settlements in the hold is destroyed by a dragon. Along with the Imperial garrison and most of the people who lived there.

> Bandits take the opportunity to take Fort Neugrad. 

>Imperials close the border to most trade to the civil war

>Snow clogs up the border cutting off what little trade wasn't remvoed by the empire or bandits

> Your local sawmill is run by murderous cannibles

> Towns hunters get killed by sprigins

> Your freinds who live in a mountain cabin stop sending letters. Presumed dead. 

>An ancient vampire escapes from centuries of imprisonment and has become the leader of Bloodlet throne. Making the Jeral Mountains even more dangerous. When just months previously is was secured by two imperial garrisons. 

> A month later Granite Hill gets destroyed by a dragon 

It really must feel like the end times there. 

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1.0.7 Issue: All guardian beds are not assigned to the owners, as a result the player can sleep on them.

Provincial Courier Service, Whistling Mine, Fall of Granite Hill and Heljarchen (Helarchen Creek) is TOP. :)

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umm, the mod 'Touring Carriages' adds a Stable right where your Guard's barracks is, would a compatibility patch be possible ?
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Where can I get a version that doesn't need a creative club? :help:

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You're looking at it. This doesn't require anything from the AE Upgrade.

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It's only me, or someone else thinks it's cool and bad at the same time how this town becomes permanently destroyed thanks to story progress? I just wish there was something like this for having it rebuilt, like when you're in the middle of either dragons or civil war questlines it appears to be under reconstruction, and when you finish both it's fully rebuilt - maybe not like it was before, but at least on a state people can live in.

As a side note, it'd be cool to have Helgen like this too. I know there's a mod for it, but I was thinking about something similar to this mod, progress thru story instead of having another questline only for the town itself.

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