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  1. Version 1.1


    Provides several options to remove undiscovered locations, red dots and quest markers from the compass (with or without floating quest markers). Works with Skyrim Special Edition, Legendary Edition or even Vanilla Skyrim. Mods that affect the compass are probably not compatible. The included plugin is not necessary for the compass, but improves fade and reduces range for location icons, based on the findings of Compass Marker Range by Xrande with slightly tweaked settings. How to modify the hudmenu.gfx icons yourself License You are free to include this work, modi
  2. Version 1.0


    Restores the Shalidor's Mirror spell from Arena and Daggerfall which allows you to reflect enemy spells. Unlike similar mods, this one works perfectly against concentration spells. The spellbook is provided as an additional reward in a related high level quest. Shalidor’s Mirror is an ancient spell from Arena and Daggerfall that allows the caster to reflect spells back to the attacker. The spell was probably meant to be included in Skyrim which even contains a reflection sound file, but it didn’t happen. This mod does that. It provides a fully functional Shalidor’s Mirror spell based o
  3. Version 1.0


    Fixes an annoying Skyrim bug which turns your animated undead followers to ash after a loading screen is displayed. Unlike Reanimate Disintegration Fix, my fix does not change how Reanimate spells work and therefore it’s compatible with everything. In fact it can be included to the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. License You are free to include this work, modified or not, in your work as long as you post the new work here at AFK Mods and offer others the same freedom by including this paragraph in your work’s license without any modifications or restrictions. July 1st 2018,
  4. No problem submitting it for SSE even though I don't use it myself; users have reported that it works fine on it. The problem is that I can't login at the tracker regardless of what URL I'm on.
  5. I want to report my fix for this issue but I can't seem to log into AFKTrack, even though I obviously can into AFKMods.
  6. Thanks. Everything works fine.
  7. I've just moved SafeAutoSave from Nexusmods to afkmods. The files in the former have been replaced by a redirect but I don't know how to enable comments at the Afkmods file, so that I can lock the Nexus comments. Any help?
  8. Version 4.0


    Autosaves the game in configurable time intervals, but not during conditions that may lead to crashes or annoying pauses. It also provides the functionality of expedited autosaves which combine the convenience of quicksaves with the autosave slot rotation/timer system. As MegaJohnny said: “it likes to sneak in an autosave when I stop to check my inventory or look at the scenery which really minimises the impact”. The main mod includes Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and German translations. A Brazilian translation is offered in a separate stand-alone file. A fork which includes the rotating
  9. Thanks for your pointer and please accept my apology for my wrong assumption. BTW, the new tracker looks great.
  10. Last February I had submitted this bug along with an attached fix. With the new tracker, my name has disappeared from this contribution to your fixpack. My name is also lost from the comments section. Another example is this bug, where everyone else gets their name except me. I don't know if I've been placed in a persona non grata list, but I would like to see this minor form of credit be restored.
  11. An option to only enable the malloc patch would be nice, as long as it's not enabled by default. A few fixes may be of limited need, but I've been using Crash Fixes way before the memory fix was added and it's been giving me great results. This can't be placebo. A year ago I had developed an autosave mod because I was so frustrated with those crashes in my game. Then a few weeks ago I went to playtest some mod I've been developing for Requiem along with CWO. It was never a question if the game would crash in large battles with my setup. It was a matter of how often. And with Crash Fixes it
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