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Bring Out Your Dead 4.0.8

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Bring Out Your Dead is a simple yet immersive mod which expands on the number of graves given to the unique NPCs in areas of the game that don't currently have them. Solitude, Windhelm, Whiterun, Riften, and Markarth all have a Hall of the Dead that contains coffins and urns for various unique NPCs who live there. Their items are transferred to their assigned coffin when they die. The smaller cities of Falkreath, Morthal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold do not have these facilities, and neither do the other smaller villages and towns. NPCs living on farms outside the major hold capitols don't get buried in their Hall of the Dead either. This mod aims to correct this and provide for more uniform handling of everyone's dead.

Falkreath and Morthal both have graveyards already and have been expanded slightly to hold more. Dawnstar and Winterhold now have their own Halls of the Dead just outside of town. The smaller villages all have space set aside for new graveyards. NPCs living on farms immediately outside the 5 major hold capitols will be given appropriate burial space in the Hall of the Dead for their city if they don't already have it.

NPCs marked as essential will not be given a grave since they cannot be killed normally unless the game removes that flag as the result of a completed quest.

Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to be installed first!

What's New in Version 4.0.8


Synced with latest USSEP updates.

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16 hours ago, Palewof22 said:

Is this mod compatible with AI Overhaul?

Yes. I use both and never had any issues between them.

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18 hours ago, SixCrimsonShade said:

Where are the patches for this?

Arthmoor to my knowledge never produced any for BOYD. But, what mods in particular are you looking for patches for?

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On 5/5/2022 at 1:59 AM, ilct said:

Is this still compatible with SE (1.5.97)?


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Anywhere I can look at the compatibility notes, changelogs, and installation/uninstallation instructions?

I'd like to know if this is compatible with The Great Cities.  The Great City of Morthal doesn't affect the graveyard, I don't think, but the area around it is different.  Also, the Great City of Falkreath greatly expands the grave yard and even adds a vast Nordic Ruin that at least aesthetically functions as a Hall of the Dead.  The Great City of Dawnstar also adds a graveyard, I think.  

I'd also like to know if this can be installed mid-playthrough.  A lot of the NPCs in these "Hall-less" cities are already dead, (Dragon Combat Overhaul is a killer!)  Will this mod read who's dead and act accordingly, or will it ignore them and only bury those who die from now on?

*****UPDATE 5/27/2022******
Found this.  Probably answers all my questions. 





Expanded Towns and Cities has been confirmed to be 100% compatible as of version 2.0.

Potential conflict with any mod which is expanding the various cities and villages. If these conflicts are brought to my attention I can attempt to make adjustments for them within reason.

Use of Wrye Bash to merge NPC edits will be strongly recommended once Bash gets the ability to handle NPC script assignments.


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On 4/3/2022 at 2:11 AM, OrdosAlpha said:

Arthmoor to my knowledge never produced any for BOYD. But, what mods in particular are you looking for patches for?

Noticed that in Dawnstar the burial mound conflicts with both of the Cities of the North/Great City of... mods.

I have also contacted the author who makes the patches for COTN, so will see what comes of it.





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I was thinking of doing similar mod but for Oblivion. I thought I could use the local reference copy enable state from parent and set it to the opposite. But turns out a dead NPC getting cleared out from the world by engine is not the same as setting npc disabled. The only viable way to make the mod is to use the quest/global script(s)? With Obliivon I find it displeasing having a large script running in the background setting dead NPCs disabled after they get cleared from the worldsapce. Thing is the script wouldn't have to get called that very often as on default settings it takes 10 days for the corpse to get removed by the engine. Would setting fQuestDelayTime to like 600 == 10 unburden the script engine from having to process a large script(s)?

//Well it could actually work by using OBSE GetFirstRef 35 for NPC or 69 for actor making a loop and marking a date and scheduling to disable that npcs 10 days from the date of death. That way I could utilize the local tombstone/coffin etc. reference copy enable state from parent and set it to the opposite. Sometimes writing problem put the solution in my head.

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Is this compatible with 1.6.4 AE? I accidentally deleted my older file and do not wish to update to the newest version of AE.

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It's compatible with the current version of SE which as of right now is 1.6.1130.

"AE" only comes into play when you buy the AE Upgrade DLC and none of my mods have direct dependency on those DLCs. They may have patches for them, but no direct dependencies.

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Is this version compatible with 1.6.640?

Or is there an older one I should be using?

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