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Gameplay Changes

Mods that alter some aspect of gameplay.

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  1. Locky Bastard

    The lockpicking minigame haunt your scavenging dreams ?
    You're role-playing as a not-so-subtle character ?
    You think picking a lock is stupid when you can just blow up the damn thing ?
    Well, my friend, you've come to the right place ! Become a Locky Bastard today !




    Nexus Page


    Click Me 
    Contains additional infos. Please head over there for support, bug report, feature request, and link to other mirros, console versions and translations.



    Locky Shot
    The success chance is tied to your weapon's type and your relevant perk using it, your locksmithing skill, and the level of the lock you're shooting at.
    Overall, this have a low/moderate chance of success, but can easily be repeated multiple times. The risk to break the lock each time you fail to open it, and the precious ammo lost in the process, is the downside of shooting instead of lockpicking.
    To shoot a lock, simply look at it, keep a small distance, aim your gun, and use the prompt. A few weapons such as the cryolator or the fatman cannot be used to open the lock. Also, safes cannot be shot open.

    With locksmith level 3, you can repair broken locks, but it will always turn them into master lock, harder to open.

    Locky Boom
    The success chance depend on your rank in demolition expert, and the level of the lock you're trying to blow up.
    Every lock can be detonated, even broken ones. This have a rather high chance of success, but will cost you an explosive and some precious adhesives, and you could end up just finding a stupid billard ball once you finally open it. Really worth it ? Your call.
    To detonate a lock, crouch in front of it and get close, you'll have a prompt to detonate it. If you don't have a suitable explosive equipped in the grenade/mine slot, or lack adhesive, a message box will warn you.
    Oh, and obviously, it's going to explode. Don't stay here ! Plus, it's going to alert nearby ennemies.

    Locky Kick
    Success chance is tied to your strength, though it have a very low impact if you're not wearing power armor.
    Only doors can be opened by kicking them. You can try as much as you want, until the door open. But if you're not wearing power armor, you're slowly going to injure your leg. If you do wear a power armor... well, your fusion core will have to give up a bit of energy.
    This have a very low chance of success without PA, and moderate with PA. There is no big downside if not playing in survival, except that you might spend a few minutes kicking at a door if the lock level is a bit high.
    To kick a door, stand in front of it, close enough, and draw your weapon.

    Locky Picker
    Not exactly a brand new feature, but to keep consistency (and remove the stupid gating), you can now try to open any locks, regardless of their level (except for those requiring a key, a terminal, or other fancy stuffs).
    Instead of giving you access to new locks to open, locksmith perks increase your chance of opening locks of the corresponding levels.
    Overall, lockpicking have been made slightly harder than vanilla if you don't have the right perk, and slightly easier if you do.

    Compatibility & Known Issues

    All of the potential compatibility issues and known issues are detailed in the readme. Please read it before reporting a bug.
    Before you ask, yes, it is 100% compatible with Locksmith. Doors/Containers locked with locksmith can be re-opened by locksmith (i.e. using the key you locked it with), and other locks can be opened using the various features from Locky Bastard.


    Each of the formula use one or several multipliers that can be edited using FO4Edit to tweak the success chance yourself. I wanted to do this via a simple INI file, but Beth kinda forgot to give us the possibility to read INI settings, sorry ^^

    Credits and Thanks

    PixelGamer, Vatiwah, Kottabos, AlChestBreach - Youtube reviews
    SparrowPrince - Original inspiration for the mod's name
    xXBlackWorkXx - German Translation
    Fireundubh - Original lock-level based XP based function
    noahdvs - Sound effect for Locky Kick


    The sound effect file provided by noahvds is licensed under Creative Commons License




  2. Fallout Unleashed

    This mod introduces changes to combat, sneaking, zones, and spawns and other factors that you can check in the list bellow .
    All zones have been overhauled , offering a wider and different ranges of spawned NPC levels. the leveled list has been modified too , in order to have more normal and legendary spawns .
    the messaging system has also been overhauled for better immersion .
    These modifications are non-linear, which makes game play even more unpredictable and exciting .
    the mod is a work in progress (other features will be added later) .
    The leveled list has been modified, filling the gaps in between levels for the spawned NPCs , and increasing the number of both normal and legendary spawns. The map marker fade distance is cut in half, giving a better exploration experience. The vendor respawn time (default 2 days) is now 1 day. The respawn of all locations is now 84 hours for both normal (default 168) and cleared (default 480) locations. The VATS max engagement distance has been increased. You can now target foes in VATS from further away. Your power armor fusion cells have ~40% more lifetime. The chance of running into legendary foes is doubled. You have a higher chance of finding legendary items. Sneaking is now much more fun and rewarding. Invest in sneak, you will need it! Overall difficulty has been increased by modifying the leveled actor multiplier for the various difficulty settings. Combat has been overhauled, in many ways, to be more challenging. More zoom on iron sights. Kill-cam odds have been reduced by 30%. VATS has been slowed down a bit, improving the experience. The in game messages has been overhauled, by changing them from third person to first person, in order to have better immersion . example :"you cannot use this right now" changed too "I cannot use this right now", "you cannot fast travel from this location" changed too "I can't fast travel from here" ...etc . more options here .


    Q: Do I need to start a new game, or will it work with my current save?
    A: If you have any other mods that modify the above parameters, there may be unpredictable behavior, most of which can be fixed by changing load order.
    you don't need to start a new game , it's better to go in an interior cell and wait 84 hours in order for the cells to reset .
    Q: Can I easily uninstall it, or will I lose my saved game?
    A: Given the nature of the modifications, there should be no problems with save games.
    No templates or quests were altered. The mod was made with FO4Edit.


    The mod is a single .esp file, just use Mod Manager, or copy it to your data folder and activate it within the launcher.
    Many thanks for neokio for his continous help .
    And many thanks to the FO4Edit team for their great work!




  3. Sane Fusion Cores

    Tired of your fusion cores running out like bad batteries? Yeah, so was I. Now they deplete in a more sane manner.
    Running while in power armor no longer consumes energy from the cell.
    Anything which consumes Action Points (VATS, sprinting, etc) consumes half the energy it used to.
    Yes, you might say it's a cheat mod, but I got tired of them running down so fast and not being able to find very many.




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