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Civil War Overhaul Bug- Quest not activating

Proud Nord

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Hey everyone I'm not sure if this is the right place where I post these sorts of things but my Reddit account is deactivated for some reason and idk where else to go so if this isn't the right place please direct me somewhere else.

I am a console player playing the Civil War Overhaul Mod and right now I have quests that are frozen for some reason.

I am a Stormcloak, took Whiterun, took Morthal.

The quest "Liberation of Skyrim" sent me to take Falkreath, I lost. 

I went back to Galmar and for some reason like 3 quests activated- Fort Neugrad (w/ Ralof). a "destroy smelter" quest, and a skirmish quest. (*Separate from my current issue, but am I supposed to lose certain quests? Because the skirmish quest kept having all the enemy NPC's respawn everytime I killed them all. I spawned in like 10 stormcloaks to help me and killed like 6 waves of Imperials and they just kept respawning.)

I went back to Galmar after all these quests and they were all marked as "completed," however the "Liberation for Skyrim" quest is still marked active w/ no new objective. The last objective active is "Failed: Assault Falkreath" or something like that. 

Galmar to me to "wait for a courier" and in the time since I have destroyed the dark brotherood, traveled to Whiterun numerous times, killed the cult of Namira, became Orc- Kin, completed the Forsworn Conspiracy questline and numerous other quests. After ALL of this I went back to Galmar with him telling me to wait, waited for 2 days in WIndhelm, fast traveled to Whiterun, and waited for another 3-4 days there. STILL NO COURIER.

I have used the little "Get Quest Unstuck" spell that it gives you but because I am on console I don't really know what else to do at this point. I really just wanna fuckin' disable it now but I keep reading online that it will break my game.


What can I do?

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Moved to Skyrim General.

It might help if you told us which console you were using and if you have any mods.

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If you are a Discord user, there is a Discord Server which specializes in helping console mod users with Skyrim and Fallout 4 issues.  Here is a link to that Discord:  https://discord.gg/armoredreptile


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