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is dawnguard and volkihar epilogue mod still good to use or is it deprecated?


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is this mod compatible with AE and latest unofficial patches etc..? also with reliquary of myth that edits some of the artifacts?

this mod is kind of old (1-2 yo). nothing about the compatibilities apart from one sentence that says "works with legacy of dragonborn".



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2 hours ago, SkyLover said:

As far as I know, nobody else has made anything like it.

the mod creator comes. thank you.

is it possible for you to tell me the basic structure of this mod? i'd like to  know whether it has things that conflict with AE  (CCs and AE has tons of bugs)

would it likely have overlapping contents that could conflict (overwrite or be overwritten) with the latest unofficial patch?

does it conflict with reliquary of myth? if i simply place reliquary of myth under the mod in load order would that grant me artifacts from reliquary of myth? or should i do a bashed patch (not sure what its callde for skyrim, for oblivion its bashed patch)?

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