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Take Up Arms and Live Another Life


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Greetings. I'm playing on Xbox Series S and have an issue with Live Another Life. Namely, when I start the game in Jorrvaskr I can't finish the quest "Take Up Arms". I get to the stage "Give Aela her shield", hand it to her and nothing happens.

Load order:

  • Wyrmstooth
  • Inigo
  • Red Flame
  • The Choice is Yours
  • Character Creation Overhaul
  • Marriage Voice Types Plus
  • Smeltdown
  • The Rabbit Hole
  • A Quality Road Map w/ Roads
  • Collecting the Edda
  • Carriage Stops of Skyrim
  • The Great City of Dragon Bridge
  • The Forgotten City
  • Kynesgrove
  • Hidden Hunter's Cabin
  • Basic Camp Gear
  • Live Another Life
  • Simple Banking
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