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Need Help with Arcwind Point bug on Xbox 1


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I am trying to learn every single shout in Skyrim and complete their quests, but I cannot complete the Arcwind Point shout quest (By the way, I stumbled upon the word wall and learned the shout on accident). I have seen many others have had this problem, and most, if not all, say that you have to use console commands on PC to complete the quest. I am not playing on a PC, nor do I have one to transfer my account and fix the bug using the console commands. For Playstation and Xbox, you are apparently supposed to learn the word at Northwind Summit to fix this. I have already learned this word. The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch can supposedly fix this. However, this is on a clean, unmodded save. I have looked all over the internet for someone with the same problem as me, and on this very website I found someone that had the exact same problem (minus the mod part) and the response to that? Not helpful to my problem. So I'm stuck, and now I'm here asking someone else if they know a fix.

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