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Animation Overlay for Staff Casting!


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I am trying to make a custom stave in Skyrim LE creation kit that shoots flames, frost, and sparks per second simultaneously. I assumed ingame animations would overlay with one another. Instead when i made the staff game chooses to show only one animation effect out of the 3 effects that is in the enchantment. I searched the web but didn't find anything on the topic. Maybe its impossible to do in Skyrim? Can anyone please advise?




P.S Screenshot shows the enchantment with the effects.

Screenshot (58).png

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Most staves were made to shoot one thing only but there is a workaround you can do. What they shoot depends on the Projectile given to the Magic Effect.

First of all, I suggest you make duplicates of all those magic effects you want to use and give them unique names. This will prevent any 'magic replacer' mods out there from changing your vision. This also allows you to customize them as I'm about to explain.

The only vanilla staff that has more than one effect is Halldir's Staff, so I'll use that as the example. Looking at the Weapon record dunHalldirsCairnHalldirsStaff it shows an Enchantment of dunStaffHalldirs on it.


So, looking at that Enchantment record there's two types of effects.

Halldir's Soul Trap references Magic Effect dunHalldirEnchSoulTrapFFAimedArea
Halldir's Pacify: Aggression references Magic Effect dunHalldirAggDownFFAimedArea

Looking at the Soul Trap Magic Effect, there is no Projectile. Looking at the Pacify Magic Effect, it uses the Projectile Illusion01Projectile, so that is what you see when using that staff.



There can only be one Projectile, as you've discovered (I'm assuming you see "sparks" as that's the first one on your list of effects).

The Projectile record points to a .nif file of special effects that you see. 


If you want your staff to show "all" effects you'll need to create a new unique .nif that includes all those special effects at once. As with the example above, you'll need to change all your (now unique) magic effects so that only one of them includes the reference to that projectile and the others have none.

As another example you could look at my Fiery Pumpkin Staff mod and see how it's put together.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot!!! I understand now:woot:  I assume art files for projectiles nifs are kept in Skyrim-animations.bsa? Nifscope should be capable of editing those?

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