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The return of the master!


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I noticed that Renthall published two new mods for SSE. Friday it was a low poly barrel replacer, and today we got a low poly but interesting candle lantern replacer. On the oldrim side he released a low poly shovel. It's nice to see RafaÅ producing new work again, he's been missed. However I can't help but question the low poly, low res focus of his current mods. It makes me wonder if it's by choice, or his current hardware can't handle the glut of 2K 4K and 8K parallax enabled textures we've come to expect.


This is one creator I'd host a go-fund-me for in a heart beat. It's good to see him active again

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YES!!!!!  Here's hoping he doesn't resume his practice of pulling his mods after two weeks - so best to download them and back them up - just in case,

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