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Problem with silent dialogue that goes nowhere


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Hey folks, I'm hoping someone can help me out with this.

I noticed that Faralda, the master destruction trainer at the College, has unvoiced dialogue when asked about training ("I can teach you, but I won't be held responsible..."). Additionally, when she completes her dialogue, nothing happens - it just returns to dialogue selection, no training interface.

I scoured everything with xedit, and found that the only mod I have installed that touches Faralda is Pandorable's NPC's, which obviously doesn't change anything but her appearance.

Further investigation with xedit showed that the dialogue branch ([INFO:000E3A3A], [DIAL:000E3A35]) is used/changed/modified by two mods - the Unofficial Patch and the home mod Traveller's Inn. Traveller's Inn has custom NPC's that hang around for atmosphere, some of whom are also trainers.

So before I uninstall Traveller's Inn for troubleshooting, I'm wondering if it's possible that the re-use of dialogue branches is responsible for the problem with Faralda, or if it's likely-probably-maybe unrelated.

I'm leaning towards uninstalling the mod at the moment, but I'd prefer not to if it's likely to be unrelated.

(I just noticed today that Danica Pure-Spring in Whiterun is in a similar state, and her training dialogue ("I'll gladly share my knowledge...", [INFO: 000E3A43], [DIAL: 000E3A35]) is also re-used by Traveller's Inn.)



EDIT: So since I'm extremely impatient, I decided to clean my followers out of the inn and disable the mod. Trainers fully back to normal. From the conflicts in xedit, it looks like it affected Faralda, Danica, Aela, Arcadia, and probably a few others since the mod also has Smithing, Enchant, Sneak, and Speech trainers. Doh!

It's a shame, that mod was perfect for loads of followers if you have a Follower Framework that allows home bases like Nether's does. Oh well.

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