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Crouching Giants?


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It seems that giants don't have a crouch function (though I guess pc doesn't either it's "sneak", but wondering if there is a mod that enables them to enter doorways (eg. Valtheim Towers I had been chased/lead the giants to the towers from their nearby camp but they could only run against the entrance and attack through the arch.)?

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It's not really a mechanic of the game for NPC's or creatures to know how or when to crouch down/bend down and go under something.

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So, maybe there is not a mod that enables this functionality.  But, is it something that the game engine will allow or not allow?  Has anybody explored already?

Another thing I'm curious is if some objects can be destroyable so that Giants (or others) aren't impeded (eg. being chased around a fire pit by a troll that just didn't topple it over).

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