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Black screen on load


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i don't know if this is the right place to post and sorry if it isn't. i'm playing Skyrim anniversary and I tried Reddit but no one seems to know.

i get a half black screen on loading saves, anybody knows why that could be? I started with alternate life and as a patron at riverwood inn. I want to try a new game but im afraid the same thing will happen

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First thing to do is to verify the Master files - this fixes many issues.

Also, are you using mods? Do you have an ENB installed?  Is the game set to the proper resolution?  Did this occur after playing for a while or was it there from the first? The first thing after verifying the Master files is to test a pure vanilla game, but before doing so, if you EVER had mods in the game on a previous playthrough, there may be leftover files - so follow this to ensure that any unwanted files that may be remaining are removed: Skyrim SE Clean Vanilla Reinstall

Test on a new game with just Alternate Start (which is totally safe and does not have anything to do with your current issue).


Also, take a look at this guide for more detailed steps and approaches to issues: Basic Help for Skyrim SE | Modded & Vanilla and its associated discussion thread

(links from Steam SSE forum PINNED TOPIC Helpful Links and References, Section 5, General Troubleshooting)


Good luck, Doll!

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