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Updated mod, but some objects don't move from prior save

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Hi all - new to the community here and starting to get into modding. I looked around for a while for a forum for general help with it and hopefully this is the right place...

I ran into an issue I can't quite solve and wondering if someone can provide some direction as to why this might be happening.  My update includes so object repositioning, and most work except a few.  Here's the scenario:

* I have existing save with Riverside Lodge (player home) mod running
* In a separate instance of MO2/Skyrim/CK, I open the Riverside Lodge mod and rearrange a few things (make the forge room a bit bigger and reposition items)
* Test mod updates in test instances (stock install with only this mod added, no prior saves) and everything looks fine
* Copy updated mod over to my "real" game, load it, and all is fine except:
* All changes to the room are fine and most things are moved, but a few items (notably the forge and a few pieces of clutter) are still in their prior position

There's two (three?) things I can think of that may be causing this, but I have no idea of I'm on track or not:

1. There's some cache in SSE or save files or some other mod in the pack I'm using causing the forge to maintain its prior position
2. There's some script in the original Riverside Lodge mod that's forcing the forge back to its original position (this mod does have a few layout scripts, though I don't think the forge is affected by any)
3. (maybe?) there's some ENB shader or similar (I'm very unfamiliar with how they work) that's causing this?

A few other details that may be relevant:

* The modpack I'm trying to update is Wildlander (so, very heavily customized already with lots of pre and post-processing involved)
* I copied and replaced the .bsa and .esp files from my updated version with the original files (e.g., I did not install a new mod or remove the original as I didn't want to remove/replace the mod itself mid-game, though I may try this to see)
* Ensured full backups and shutdowns/cleanup/proper hygiene prior to replacing files, etc. (applications programmer for 20-odd years, so while I'm new to mods, I know a thing or two elsewhere)


Any obvious places I should start looking?  It seems like either a cache or script issue, but I didn't want to start digging around in the scripts if it's a common cache issue.

TIA, appreciate it..



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Thanks.  I expect the issue is here:

 > Objects pointed to by Papyrus properties. These can never be moved, even with scripted commands.

It does run fine in a new game.  In my Wildlander run (the ultimate target for this), the forge position gets locked for anything except a new game.  Interestingly, on my testbed (stock+player home mod only), I can change position and re-test from a convenient save and placements are updated just fine, so I suppose that probably narrows it down to some other mod's script within Wildlander baking the forge property in (probably some crafting overhaul or something I guess).

I guess for this update I'll leave the forge where it is and work around it, as I don't feel like starting a new game.

Thanks for the thread pointer, lots of helpful info there.


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I did find that a script was attached (something about heat damage from the forge fire), and via CK I took the original object and marked as Initially Disabled, then grabbed a new forge object and placed as desired.  

So I still have a hidden forge and the mod update itself has to take that into account, but that's fine for my purposes, and another thing learned.

Thanks again for the push in the right direction.

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