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Creation Kit 2.0 updates

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Just discovered that there is a new Creation Kit 2.0 version 1.6.438.0 (my version was, available via Steam (as of April 25, 2022). Much handier download than via Bethesda.net, but you have to search the Steam Store for it.

Not seeing any indications about what has been updated.

Wish they'd called it 2.6.... instead of 2.0 version 1.6....

The Unofficial Creation Kit Patch was updated to match on May 22. I've not tried it yet. SSE CreationKit Fixes has not yet been updated.

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As far as we've been told, the update was simply to transfer it to Steam, along with these fixes that were mentioned:



Additionally the Steam version of the Skyrim Special Edition: Creation Kit includes the following fixes:

- Now able to save an arrow's weight at 0
- Memory leak fix
- Now able to change weapon form's "unequip sound"


As far as I've been able to tell there's no real change in stability. It's still as rock solid as ever.

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