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SSEEdit/xedit "Ingredient Value"


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Hej everyone,

i have a question related to modding ingredients in Skyrim. There is a value "Ingredient Value" under the category "INGR > ENIT - Effect Data" if i look up formIDs of ingredients in sseedit/xedit. It's not the monetary value in gold coins as that is covered under "INGR > DATA - DATA > Value" (i think). So here are my questions:

What does this value actually do? ( I think it's related to how powerful an ingredient is?)

Has anyone an idea how bethesda calculated/weighed the "ingredient values" for the items?

Is it a "raw" value which the game engine uses e.g. multiplies/adds/subtracts from anything in game?

I read through https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Alchemy_Effects but i cannot really find an answer or i do not quite understand the relevant infos ( english is not my first language)

If anyone can point me in the right direction, i'd be very happy.


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First, let me refer you to the Creation Kit Documentation, specifically the page on Ingredients definition.   At the bottom of the page is a section titled Results List.  The subsection titled Auto Calculate documents how the value seen in INGR > ENIT - Effect Data is calculated and used. 

Here is how the Creation Kit displays the data element documented above:

Here is how it looks in Xedit:

In short, the data element your question involves is the value of the ingredient which is calculated from the effects which the ingredient possesses.  Whether that value is used depends on if the box "Auto_Calculate" is checked or not.

Hope this helps. 

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Hej aequatrix, that did help :-)

So, if i get it right the ingredient value is the sum of the "cost" of each indiviual effect. I marked it in your screenshot and compared it to the the example in the creationkit wiki (and the section you mentioned) as shown below. And i can set it to manual or let it be auto calculated by the engine which is a nice feature.




Seems i didn't get that before as the "cost" of each effect is not displayed in xedit and because of my avoidance of the creationkit :-D

I checked in xedit for formid 0003AD63 - ectoplasm as this the example from the wiki. I don't see a way to get to see the cost of each effect, like Fortify Magicka: Magicka > Cost 9, even if i look up the formid of said effect 0003EB26 in xedit. No "cost 9" anywhere. What a bummer. And as i see it i'm only able to set the flag to "no-auto-calculation" in xedit. So standard behavior seems to the let it be auto-calculated. Interestingly above that, is that i don't find any ingredient in vanilla Skyrim or the DLC's/CC's with the flag set to "no-auto-calculation" (or "food item"). Curious. Well i think i'm going in circles if i want to change that in xedit.

Which brings further questions up...

Now that i know where the data of "ingredient value" comes from, i do still wonder how the ingredient value is actually used in game? At which point is that cost/ingredient value applied? Is it subtracted from Health/Magika/Stamina...? Maybe i just can ingore it, because it isn't used?

Still your help is much appriciated! Just to put my questions in context: I started reworking most items (for myself primarily) in regard to rename them to my liking. Then I asked myself why the PC can carry so much? Not that immersive ;-)  I know it's a fantasy game and there are many mods out there which make life easier to carry more things... but well...

Since then the box of pandora opended and i'm trying to standardize item values. So that an virtual chicken egg or an iron ingot ingame weighs more like it's reallife counterpart based on the density of reallife materials in lb/ft³.  (i know there are the USSEP and WACCF which streamline weights monetary values and i really do admire the authors for their persistence to check thousands of formids)

Then i started to include the monetary value which is now based on material density (and for food items based on kcal additionally). Then i took a look at buffs and debuffs of food items... And so on.... Long story short: After i now have finished reweighing all ingots, ores and food items of vanilla, dlc und free ae cc content, i'm in the middle of adjusting the weights and monetary values of non-food ingredients in xedit. Then there's still MISC items and ARMOR/WEAPONS which i have to reweigh/revalue so... I think i will leave the "ingredient values" alone for now :-D It will still take me months to complete my endeavor... Maybe  some more question will pop up, so please bear with me.

Thanks and best regards

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I sleeped over the whole thing and took a second look at the creationkit wiki page. Silly me. It's clearly stated what i looked for :-D

"Value: The ingredient item's base value, before effect values are added."

So my additional questions have been answered. :-)

Topic closed i guess.

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