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New Version of Gruffydd's Signs and Posters Now Uploaded!


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After much delay, the new version is finally here! I finally heard back from one of my testers, and it's working for someone other than me, so it's now time to share the files and see if it works for everyone.

I consider it in beta test at this point, so if you use it and it doesn't work, let me know specifically what didn't work and I'll try to fix it. But even more so, if you use it and it does work, please let me know! When I hear nothing I know it's probably because there are no complaints, but there's always that nagging suspicion it's because people gave up on it when it didn't work.

Sorry for the long wait! And please read the desc, because it includes important stuff like you still need SMM and it doesn't play well with MO2.

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I've heard from a very few people who had minor problems installing the mod or reported minor bugs (all of which has been resolved), and are now (hopefully) happily using the mod. I had heard from zero people stating that the mod isn't working at all. And I'm seeing fairly large download numbers.

I assume from all of this that the mod is working as intended. As such, it's no longer in beta, it's live!

Next up for GS&P: The Brotherhood of Steel gets expanded the same way the Minutemen were. Plus whatever random stuff I also make while I'm working on that. I've just started this project, so it won't be anytime soon, but that's what I'm currently working on.

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One of my all-time favourite mods. Back after a long hiatus to play Sim Settlements 2, glad I was able to find your mod somewhere as it was on my list of must-haves.

No problems installing (once I figured out the manual install on MO2).

Thanks for your time and effort creating and updating this, it's fantastic to see Smiling Larry and the Scribe, not to mention that Crazy Vault-Tech dude and even Anne Hargraves, occupying a sim settlements counter but with all the appropriate signage on the walls.

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