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NPCs suddenly started attacking me and I have no idea why

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1.  Happened first in Markharth, and seems to make sense after what I did:  I was approached by a thug into a beat down because I was snooping around too much supposedly, but I started to worry that I was going to be killed and not just hurt so I killed him and when a guard came into the den where the fight was and joined against me, I killed the guard also, and then every guard was after me.  I presume my resorting to magic and weapons is what did that, but I don't know for sure.

2.  Before that happened I engaged in what I thought would be a "harmless" brawl in the SIlver Blood bar, but the combatant was killed somehow in the process which I thought was impossible according to the help menu.

3.  I rode into Riverwood one day like any other I thought to barter and pretty much the whole town was up in arms against me, including guards or actually what seemed like only some of the guards and not all guards.

4.  I eventually left Riverwood unable to figure out why I was being attacked or diffuse the combat, and went to Whiterun to barter.  The elf shop owner in Drunken Huntsman got up in arms against me, after I had no issue bartering with the War Maiden shop.  Near the center of the market his brother joined in, but only these two, and guards did nothing to intervene.  Again, I heard no reason why they were attacking me but I did not kill them, nor anybody in Riverwood as I was told that if I just gave them time of a day or two, the tension would be gone.

I have no bounty other than in the Reach Hold because of murder which I'm still confused how I got considering I was attacked first, so I'm wondering if any of these are as yet mysterious to me game feature, or a bug or some kind.

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