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What's your favorite build or playstyle?

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1 hour ago, Pseron Wyrd said:

In my opinion a roleplayer should always strive to use character knowledge, not player knowledge, when playing a roleplaying game. Employing player knowledge when playing a roleplaying game is not rolelaying. Restricting oneself to using character knowledge is what roleplaying is all about.  I believe that "playing as ourselves", taking actions that I, the player, want to take is not roleplaying.  Roleplaying is primarily about the character, not the player. This applies whether we are talking about tabletop or computer roleplaying games. 

When I roleplay I am telling myself a story. Instead of using a typewriter or word processor, I am using the assets provided by Bethesda to "write" my stories. Each time I start a new game I am beginning a whole new story.  I cobble together bits and pieces of Bethesda's side and faction quests (as well as modded quests) to form a unique, do-it-yourself "main quest" for each character. Sometimes I avoid Bethesda's quests altogether, if that is what is needed to tell a character's story.

A writer often knows how his story is going to end before he begins writing.  But that usually doesn't ruin the enjoyment ohe gets from writing the story.  The enjoyment, for me, is in the telling. But in recent years I have begun to incorporate accidents and mistakes into my storytelling.  These sometimes take my stories in wildly different directions than I had planned.  This can be really exciting and satisfying as well.

To me, and I have said this before many times, Bethesda's games are vast canvasses upon which I can paint my own pictures. Each picture tels a different story. I could not imagine telling just one story and moving on to another game.  But, as was said above, to each his own. The goal is to have fun.  We should each do what is most fun for us. 

True, while I put a tidbit of information about the toons in the post above, each one had a more developed background that got them to be who they were.

I do see the replay problem more prevalent with meta-gamers.  Every character they make will join every faction, do every quest to yield the best results, find every 'hidden' special item, etc., so that when the day is done you really can't tell one character from the next.  So it's no wonder playing again would seem boring.  I actually have more freedom with Skyrim since all the factions are not tied directly to the MQ (one of the many mistakes made in FO4 IMO), but in Skyrim none of my character ever join more than one faction, many never even do the MQ, may side with or skip the civil war altogether, etc.  I try to make each path completely different.  This makes replaying the game very easy.  Clearly I milk all the fun I can out of a BGS game.

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Scout/hunter/woodsman/woman, hands down very little else. Sometimes I just wing it and in the immortal words of Eric Morecombe ( If you don't know who he was look him up) it's the make it up as you go along show. Other times its more structured. My current character Uncus is by far the most developed by far. A member of a tribe of wood elves that got geographically cut of from the main stream culture before the Green Pact and the Wild Hunt. And did not return until after the end of the Glacial period that isolated them.

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