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Can anyone point me to to the most up-to-date INI guide?

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What it says on the tin. Is BethINI still recommended? 
I'm getting good performance without ENB and without DYNDOLOD, and I don't want to mess that up, but I DO want to see if there are better settings than what BETHINI sets up.

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Sadly, Bethini prioritized performance over function. As an example, as you ride/run down vanilla roads, vegetation will gradually fill in before you. Bethini makes things pop-in instead.

And of course, I'm biased. Bethini doesn't work with Touring Carriages (it slows the NPC package execute rate).

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20 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

Personally I find that the vanilla ini settings work just fine in SSE. The only ones I've added to mine are for Papyrus debugging.

Me too.

I think better performance in-game is about what hardware e.g HDD, video card, sound, RAM, CPU etc one has.

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