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Thieves Guild Meet the Family dialogue never heard

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I've just discovered a huge pile of never heard TGHellos dialogue, after wondering why I'm asking Thrynn about a bandit clan. How did I know to ask?

Turns out he was supposed to tell me. There's a lot of introductory Hellos (for all thieves) conditioned by [000E595A] TGTalkGate.

[000E50DD] Used to run with a bandit clan in The Pale. Turns out I didn't like them and they didn't like me, so we parted ways.

Note that US*P changed "The Pale" to "the Pale" on a line never heard.

TGTalkGate is set by [00084ABD] TG02B at startup (you join). This is probably a mistake, as you never have the chance to meet any others before that is set.

This mistake also explains why they are saying things that aren't true yet: "I've never seen anyone with skills like yours." "You're making waves around here." "I think you're all right. In fact, I'm kind of impressed how well you're doing around here."

It probably should be set at completion of either TG02B Meet the Family or even more likely TG02 Loud and Clear (as you've done something after Vex failed).

Is this better for US*P, or CRF as cut content?

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Definitely US*P. I've found various Trainer edits where US*P already checked whether the player was currently in good standing with the guild. These affect the same entries. They shouldn't provide training until you've achieved good standing, but it's a different global.

However, Niruin was missed. So I'll include him in the fix.

Of course, a better design would not have used globals, and checked for a stage completion. But that would be a lot more edits now.


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The simplest fix worked OK, although the window for them is after Brynolf and before Tonilla. Later conversations now make more sense after hearing the background.

Comments such as "You're making waves around here" are conditioned on completion of TG01. That is rather early, as you will never even meet them before then. Any opinions on changing to completion of a later quest, such as TG02, 03, 04?

What should be the condition for "I've never seen anyone with skills like yours"? It's Rune, who is not a trainer. Nevertheless every other person in the room has better skills than mine at the beginning of the game.

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