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Looking for the origin of a most peculiar third person view bug

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For my last two playthroughs i had this oddest of bugs in the Helgen intro sequence.

Leaving character creation would force me into third person view up until the point where my bindings got removed, after which i could freely switch between the two views.

I never thought much of it because it was quite the novel experience to watch everything from a different perspective.

Today, as the last step in rebuilding my mod list, i was cleaning the mods that LOOt had flagged as dirty and to my amazement the bug was gone.  Everything was back to first person.

Now, out of curiosity i'd like to know if someone can point to the culprit among the eight mods i cleansed which were: Survival Mode, Beyond Skyrim Bruma, Project AHO, Midwood Isle, Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel, Amazing Followers Tweaks, Darkend and The Forgotten City.

My money is on Survival Mode because it is the only one of the bunch that was present in every one of my playthroughs.

(i guess it would be quicker to put the dirty version back in my load order to test things out but i do not know if doing so repeatedly will mess up my bashed patch)

Thanks in advance, i'll check back here this evening.

*Edit* I forgot to add that the only mod the itm could interfere with would be Customizable Camera.

*Edit2* Resolved, turned out it was my custom race causing the bug.

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