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What is SPIKE? And do I still need it?

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I've been away from Skyrim for 95% of the last 7 years but just got back into it big time. My game is "Oldrim" + all DLC, using USKP and the seperate Unoffical DLC patches. I've checked out how to upgrade to SLE and convert to USLEEP via Nexus forums (although if there's a guide here, please link it!) :) 

Then I want to update my own mods to SLE. It's a good idea to use USLEEP as a Master file for my mods, so I have a fixed game to make a mod for? Most of my mods make unique things from copies of forms etc, so nothing is replaced and there should be no conflicts if everything is unique.

Then, of course, I will need to update other people's mods with the latest SLE versions, if they exist. That's no problem at all. I have Zero Interest in SSE and the Creation Club.

One esm mod I have had since almost the very start is SPIKE, which apparently fixes Key Words etc. But do I still need it, considering it seems that this is the sort of thing USKP and USLEEP would fix?



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Regarding the USKP + patches / USLEEP conversions. First I would check any mods you use for updates, as most people have already done this. There may be the rare mod that hasn't but it seems to be a fairly easy process. For your own mods that you want to convert, this is what I found in the USLEEP FAQ Thread.


you can use Mator's xEdit Script for updating any files you have that used the old patches as masters. This script requires knowledge of how TES5Edit works, and any issues that come up with it must be directed toward Mator. We did not write this script, nor are we involved in its continued development or support.

The FAQ also says there's manual instructions on a sticky on the USLEEP Nexus page, but I don't see it. :shrug:

Regarding using USLEEP as a Master. There's two options here (again quoted from the FAQ)


If you feel it necessary, you may also use the unofficial patch as a master to your own mod in order to be sure you're not overwriting a fix. It is up to you to inform your users of this, if you wish to use our file as a master for your own.

Or, what I've seen most people do is just forward our edits into their mod, no "master" necessary but it would still be a requirement.


In fact, it is strongly encouraged that you check regularly with the unofficial patch and see if you have edited anything with your own mods that might cancel out a fix. If you find that you have, you may feel free to copy whatever is needed in order to retain the fixes.

As for SPIKE, I'm fairly sure it's obsolete. I've not seen anyone still using it.

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