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Hey, you can save in Survival Mode

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No idea if it works on other platforms, but on Xbox One it turns out the game automatically saves if you power off the console with the controller. (Hold down the Xbox button for a couple of seconds, then select "power off" or something to that effect.) And the save it creates isn't flagged as an Exit Save, so you can reuse it freely.

Did everybody else already know this? How long has this been true?

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It's just inconvenient enough, in my opinion.:)

I mean, if I could save at will, I'm pretty sure I'd wind up saving every thirty seconds like I did before Survival Mode. Which would mean death would have no consequences, which defeats the purpose of limiting saves in the first place. With this trick, I can create saves only when I really need to. It reduces the frustration of days with multiple tough fights without completely defanging Survival.

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And after a couple of months using this technique successfully, I had two or three occasions where it resulted in a corrupted save. Every time I got the corrupted save I was on The Island (from the Far Harbour expansion), which might or might not be a coincidence.

I've also discovered that rebooting your console from the same menu works too. Haven't had a corrupted save yet that way, though that could just be luck.

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