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[RELz] Armor Variants Expansion

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Armor Variants Expansion aim to adjust and increase variety of armors on Skyrim, by add new armors custom models to some vanilla and usual armor category trying to be closest to the  lore friendly definition. This is not a repleacer models mod, but it add new variants in the same way as the vanilla Skyrim original sets.

All variants are complete of models for both genders and races, enchantments, world locations, level lists so NPCs, crafting and upgrade recipes as the vanilla game.

More in details, for the moment add a new variants, complete and integrated, for:

-Iron (helmet, cuirass, an heavy tower shield and a wooden one in light category for the hide variant).

-Steel (two horned helmets, one simple, two armors with one new Padded variant and a Rounded shield).

-Dwemer (helmet and cuirass).

-Leather (helmet and cuirass).

Plus it add two new almost endgame sets for alternate the unusual use by common high level hostile NPCs, such as bandits, of the Nordic Carved set and the Glass set; in particular:

-Improved Steel Plate set (one helmet, one cuirass and gauntlets). This set is equiparable/similar to the Ebony set, so it will be craftable and upgradable with the Ebony Smithing perk.

-Improved Scaled set (helmet and cuirass). This set is equiparable/similar to the Glass set, so it will be craftable and upgradable with the Glass Smithing perk.



Further suggestions are always welcome!





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