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So Im playing with quite a few necromancy mods. and one vampire mod. Along with a few others. up until now there have been minimal issues. A few being with the one vampire mod I think but im not sure. I am at the part of the vampire quest-line where I have to find the moth priest. use vampire seductiopn, then feed on him. But after I use the seduction, and I go under my tree to use vampire servent, the moment I scroll down the powers list my game crashes every time. I cant get past the vampire seduction ability to the vampire servent without my game shutting down. I dont know what mod may be responsible but I can send a list of the mods Im using. I hope this is a easy fix or theres a solutiuon. thank you.

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Yes, there may be size limits for new users. A link to imgur or similar would work as well, although we strongly recommend a text list, Do you have a plugins.txt or a DataFiles.txt?

Unfortunately, mods used in a Skyrim game are there for the life of the game. They can be modified, and removed only after following a procedure (if any) included in the mod's documentation.

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So here are the mods in order and just plain text I can't seem to provide pictures first on the top of the list is the

unofficial Skyrim special edition patch.

Necromancer faction


Reapers The dark tower.esp

Necromancer start ESP

Necromancer spells-PC

(PC) increased summonable limit start at level 2

MAP- Necromancy: conjuration and Perks conjuration defiled

Vladd1983 multiple necromancy

Unlimited necromancy

Skyland - a landscape texture overhaul

Beauties of Skyrim HD (which I may add I don't have that active and haven't for a while because I think I need another mod for it to work?)

Enhanced blood textures

Gargoyle expansion pack (PC)

Creatures of the night: vampire overhaul

(which if I had to put my money on one of the mods being the problem I'd say it's this one since I'm also a vampire lord and this vampire mod makes me a vampire that feeds on other vampires it's been a little glitchy. Plus on this mod I need to know how to remove that vampire effect that vampire that feeds on other vampires. and if it's possible to do so without removing the regular vampire lord that I attained through the storyline)



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Yeah on the my description I don't see anything about reversing it or even about a cure where I picked up the potion to turn into the vampire I think there was a cure there I'd have to look at my inventory but I'm kind of stuck in the middle of this quest I mean I think I could probably leave the quest and try getting the cure and seeing if that helps with the problem if it is that vampire mod. that's the only thing I could think of is that vampire mod where I feed on other vampires is conflicting with the vampire lord and somehow it's creating a bug in scrolling to the powers. But nothing in detail and the description.


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