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Successors to Mapzone?

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Mapzone has dropped off the horizon, it appears to be have been succeeded by Substance, now a part of Adobe. There was also another Alegorithmic offshoot, ProFx which has gone the same way as MapZone. From a 2008 article




ProFX 2.6 is the only middleware that allows game developers to professionally render high-quality procedural textures. ProFX 2.6 procedural texture files are very small in size -- typically 500 to 1,000 times smaller -- making them ideal for use in massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), virtual communities, casual and downloadable games.

About Allegorithmic

Founded in 2003 and based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Allegorithmic is an emerging leader in the 3D effects industry. The company specializes in creating advanced authoring software and middleware that is designed to simplify the process of creating high-quality textures for next-generation content developers. The companys two flagship products are ProFX and Substance. Allegorithmic has partnered with some of the industrys leading games and technology companies, including Dassault Systmes, Epic Games, Emergent Games Technologies, Microsoft, Intel and Luxology. For more information on Allegorithmic and its products, please visit www.allegorithmic.com.



NeoTextureEdit is another candidate replacement for Mapzone- are there any others for FO3 or FNV? Edit: Bump: This one for you? @Hana


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Sorry, I dont follow any of the fallout games, so I have no idea what mapzone is or was. If you're just looking for texture tool options besides Substance there's always GIMP and Paint.net, free to use options. Of course, there's Photoshop if you have access to that.

Or was there something specific those other programs did?

Edit: Someone else mentioned to me this program - http://www.boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/index.php

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11 minutes ago, lmstearn said:

for all we know whatever Mapzone could have done these are equal or better!

From what I can see Mapzone has evolved into Substance Designer. You can do similar stuff in Blender with the Cycles renderer if you want a free option.

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