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Instructions for Morrowind in Linux


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I notice a Spell casting thread on Nexus and after I read it, the OP are using Linux, hence my question.

Has anyone thought about providing instructions for Morrowind, including various of mod user tools e.g Morrowind Code Patch, Wrye Mash etc, when running Linux instead of Windows?

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There is a guide on UESP , but it might be outdated at this stage. I've tried the GOG version of Morrowind and it works out of the box on Wine, but I haven't tried any of the other stuff so I don't know if it works.

BTW, in that post the advice you gave to that guy is a bit off. Morrowind doesn't run natively on Linux unless you use OpenMW, in which case I don't think you need the code patch. If you're using the vanilla Windows version then you need to run it in Wine. So anything else like Python, etc. needs to be the Windows version not the Linux version.

Edit: I just tried the code patch and it works in wine. It just needs the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable  (vcrun2010).

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Well it works so I guess there's no problem with that. I posted in the thread about that. I tried Wrye Mash standalone, and it seems works too. I'll need to move my setup over from Windows to test it properly, though.

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