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Feedback for AFK Track

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I thought to start this thread, just to provide feedback instead of posting separate threads in one of the forums.


First, I find the platform column (All) misleading, because PS4 players cannot use advanced mods e.g mods with a BSA or scripts due to Sony's policy for using mods on PS4.  Unless Sony recently changed their policy for mods with a BSA or scripts.

Further down in the list of submitted bugs there are three entries on the 1st page that has PS4 as a platform for USSEP.




There could be more entries in the other pages or projects, but I haven't checked that yet.


@Arthmoor If you ever plan to update AFK Track then please add the page counter in the bottom to the top as it is a little annoying to scroll down every time one wants to view the next or the previous page.

USSEP has 3 pages

UFO4 25 has pages

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