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[RELz] Arthmoor's Skyrim Villages - All In One

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An all in one package for all of my villages released for Skyrim Legendary Edition.

This package contains all 11 of the village mods I have released for Skyrim in one single package. It's been a popular request for some time and since I am no longer doing mods for Legendary Edition it seemed like as good a time as any to put this package together.

The following villages are included: Darkwater Crossing, Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Helarchen Creek, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Keld-Nar, Kynesgrove, Shor's Stone, Soljund's Sinkhole, and Whistling Mine.

Combine features of this package include:

* Sondas Drenim will offer to share his house if married to you.
* Derkeethus will offer to share his house if married to you, assuming you haven't recruited him into the Blades.
* Dawnstar NPCs all have their own homes and will no longer live their lives in the mines.
* Two NPCs in Helarchen Creek can be married and will share their homes with you.
* Temba Wide-Arm will offer to share her house if married to you.
* Bonus: Golldir now has a home as well and will return to it once his quest, "Ancestral Worship", is completed. He can be married at that point and you can move in with him if you wish.
* Karthwasten NPCs all have their own homes now and will no longer crowd into a single barracks building.
* Custom village of Kel-Nar in Eastmarch will all new NPCs, including a Dark Elf child.
* Roggi Knot-Beard will share his house if married to you.
* Dravynea will share her house if married to you.
* Grelka will share her new house in Shor's Stone if married to you. She will also travel from the village back to Riften to run her shop during the week.
* Shor's Stone has a new custom inn which is an Easter Egg from Elder Scrolls Online, with full rent support and their own bard.
* Odfel's wrecked house now exists on the north side of Shor's Stone. So sad.
* Perth can now share his house with you if you marry him.
* Soljund's Sinkhole now has a Guard barracks for the guards to live in, with one extra patroller added due to the dangerous area. The jail is just for show, sorry :P
* New housing for the miners who live in Whistling Mine. No more sleeping and eating in a freezing cave.
* All added shopkeepers have investment support.
* All added houses are radiant quest enabled, so you may get Companions missions and anything else that's properly configured to use NPC homes for quests.
* LOD has been generated for every area, including trees that account for the changes.
* Bug fixes and other updates that were applied to the SSE versions since December 2017 have also been added.

Download Locations

AFK Mods
Skyrim Nexus
Steam Workshop

Installation Requirements

Skyrim patch or greater.
Official Dawnguard DLC.
Official Hearthfires DLC.
Official Dragonborn DLC.
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch version 3.0.14. No, this cannot be made an optional requirement. This package depends on certain things USLEEP does for the NPCs to work correctly.

DO NOT extract the contents of the BSA file into your Data folder as loose files, or let your mod manager perform an equivalent function on the contents of the file. Doing so will cause things to load in the wrong order and break the game. Skyrim is intended to load a BSA alongside it's ESM/ESP file. Circumventing this causes issues which I will not provide support for. If you insist on going against this advice, you will receive no support for the problems you generate as a result of this.

Installation - Wrye Bash BAIN
Drop the archive into your Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers folder, then install as usual.
Make sure the mod is active in the Wrye Bash mods tab.

Installation - Nexus Mod Manager

Use the "Download with Manager" button on the page at Skyrim Nexus. The installer should take care of things from there.
Then simply make sure NMM has the mod activated.

Installation - Steam Workshop

Subscribe to the mod via the Workshop page, then use the Skyrim launcher to allow it to download and install.
Make sure it's active in the Data Files menu.

Installation - Manual

Drop the Arthmoor's Skyrim Villages - All In One.esp and Arthmoor's Skyrim Villages - All In One.bsa into your Data folder.
Activate the mod using whatever management tool suits you.

Upgrading From Individual Villages

Put simply, don't. This can't be done on an existing save.

You will need to start a new game due to the way Skyrim works in order to change over to this all in one package. Otherwise you will likely end up with NPCs trapped in defunct cells unable to get out, and other script related things that happen during startup will get duplicated and possibly break something in the process.


Due to the nature of Skyrim mods, especially those adding scripts, it is strongly discouraged to attempt uninstalling a mod from your active game. Any mod that is more than pure mesh or texture replacements has the possibility to leave behind permanent changes to your save that you may not want. This is not something modders can correct for. It is how the game was designed by Bethesda. No support will be provided for anyone who uninstalls this mod from an active game and continues on with that save.

To remove the mod: Delete the Arthmoor's Skyrim Villages - All In One.esp and Arthmoor's Skyrim Villages - All In One.bsa from your Data folder. Then reload your game as usual.

Load Order

LOOT should be used for optimal placement.

MUST load after Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul or the navmeshing will break.


Fully compatible with Bring Out Your Dead.
Fully compatible with Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town.
Mods altering Darkwater Crossing, Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Helarchen Creek, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Keld-Nar, Kynesgrove, Shor's Stone, Soljund's Sinkhole, and Whistling Mine will not be compatible.


Hanaisse - Sign for The Horny Horker, road sign and shop sign assets, the Keld-Nar book, children's clothing textures, the unique Dwemer child assets for Nedri, and the blank inn sign resource used to create The Tapped Vein's sign.
DanielCoffey - Better Book Mesh (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37113) Used for the Keld-Nar book.


This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

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