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[REQ] Small change for the Ashlander Transport mod


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Just curious of why there is not a RELz thread posted, at least there once were, for Arthmoor's Ashlander Transport mod.

Anyway, today when I continue my game and was just about to head north from Maar Gan, I thought to take the transport directly to Urshilaku Camp, but if I do that then I would miss what makes Morrowind an awesome game and that's the challange to goto all way from Maar Gan to the Urshilaku Camp through the Ashlands by foot and not using an easy transportation directly to Urshilaku Camp from Maar Gan.

Later, however, I can if I wish to take the transport from Maar Gan to Urshilaku Camp and it was then I realized that I got an idea.  So I thought to post my idea here, but after I notice there was no RELz thread posted or is it just removed due for being an old mod and most people doesn't seems to play it these days.

Alright, here is my idea.  When talking to the NPC, standing outside of Maar Gan, for the first time he would like to know if the player is capable to cure blight disease and common disease or not, because he is not interested to take a passager on a trip through the Ashlands then the passager got infected by a disease, especially a blight disease.  If the NPC let that happen then it's bad business, so the player might need to walk all way from Maar Gan to the Urshilaku Camp the first time.

But after the player have done that, by talking to both the NPC just south of the Urshilaku Camp and the NPC in Maar Gan, then the NPC in Maar Gan will gladly transport the player to Urshilaku Camp as long the player pays the transport fee.

As for mod compatibility, yes it is compatible for most mods including Rise of House Telvanni (RoHT), Uvirith's Legacy (UL), Princess Stomper's Nerevarine Yurt mod (I think there is a RELz thread for that mod on old BSF).

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