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[RELz] Keld-Nar


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Version 2.0.8

The generic dialogue control quest wasn't starting due to a missing flag. Why it worked prior to the 1.6.318 SSE update is anyone's guess, because it shouldn't have.

(This will fix the reported issues with the innkeepers not offering services)

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Version 2.0.9

Added the investor perk for the shop to the formlist used by USSEP to clean up perk resets when reading Black Book: Waking Dreams.

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Version 2.0.10

Assets for 3 of the paintings in the village were completely missing from the archives, and have been since the initial 2017 release of the mod back on LE. I blame goblins. It's always goblins.
The 2.0.9 release was also incorrectly packaged and contained some vanilla scripts it shouldn't have, plus the facegen files were not included either. This ought to resolve crash issues on XB1.

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