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Please delete MS06start's changes

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I am not an English speaker.
So I want you to forgive me for my English


I read the definition of a bug,but I think that "Starting MS 06" is a bad change.

Why are you changing start conditions?(I think that it is the following two. "Increaselevel" and "enough time to rest" is it right?)

We were not able to start MS06(The Wolf Queen Awakened) in the past, when it was a level limit character.But now this problem is solved by official.

Of course, I know that this quest is quite buggy.

it will start soon. Immediately after The Man Who Cried Wolf. It would be strange but not a bug.

Can you eliminate changing the start flag of the quest?

As a result of making non-moving functions move, there may be cases where an immersive feeling is born.

but I have not asked for new immersive feeling, to USLEEP

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