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  • Bosmer Armor Pack - My character I'm playing will be a Bosmer Assassin.  I enjoy the rogue archer type of characters over the basic warrior class; the art of the silent kill appeals to me.  However, having just a vanilla armor set didn't appeal to me.  I found this mod, and it will work nicely with my character.  Granted, with the Nightingale set, there is an added bonus wearing that armor set.  However, when I explore the dungeons, it's nice to have a heavy armor set just in case, and the Bosmer set fits nicely with many options.
  • Craftable Faction Armor - I tend to make use of the arcane blacksmith option and make my own enchantments for the Nightingale Armor.  The problem with this mod is WryeBash states that it has an incorrect header.  I would like to know how to fix that with SSEdit if possible.
  • Ebony Wolf Armor and Skyforge Ebony Weapons - I added this to my game in case I want to run with a warrior type class.  I'll have a lot of fun with my Bosmer, but I feel a Nord character would be fun to play and I do pursue the Companions quest line when I have a warrior type character.  A good option if the community doesn't think I have too many armor mods.
  • Elemental Arrows - It might be possible that another mod adds elemental arrows.  Since I'm using Skyrim Unleveled as my base mod for difficulty, I find it necessary to make sure I have enhanced weapons of any kind. 
  • Faction Crossbows - Another mod I found useful since Skyrim Unleveled adds crossbows to the leveled lists.  However, I think this mod should be below Skyrim Unleveled so it can add its inventory to the leveled list.  Would a bashed patch work in this case?
  • Fur Armor Set - I'm using Frostfall and Campfire so I thought this would be a good addition.  I don't want to overload my game with redundant items.  Let me know if this is really a needed mod.
  • InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack - Another solid mod for adding weapons to the Skyrim Matrix.  I am fond of the Silver Bow which will be needed since I'll run AAE along with Skyrim Unleveled.
  • Lore Weapon Expansion - adds weapons from Cyrodill and Vvardenfell which include silver weapons.  You can't have too many weapons, but I want to make sure I'm not overloading my options.  I like a lean and clean gaming environment. 
  • Nordic Ranger Outfit  - love my rogue archers, so this one is going to be included.   
  • Royal Armory  - Replaces vanilla weapons for important NPCs and gives them the appropriate weapon of their station.  I've viewed the opinions of many people during my mod experience - they have all concluded that vanilla Skyrim is dull and relatively easy to play.  I agree.  So, with changes to skills, combat, and armor/weapons, I find this mod will fit in.  Again, I don't want to overload my game, but there are some items that should be mandatory.  This mod is one of them.
  • Runed Nordic Weapons - I'm open to suggestions about including this mod; the details are nice to have, but I would rather have other mods if I need to "let go".
  • Scoped Bows - I love the idea of a scoped bow.  I have been playing with a cursor for a long time and since I found this mod, I've decided to go without the crosshair.  Unique Unique's had a scoped version of Angie's Bow, but with this mod I went with the main file only.
  • Silver Shield and Sword of The Dragonborn - I want to make sure I have silver weapons available.  Seems like a good mod to add.
  • Expanded Skyrim Weaponry - Lore friendly weapon expansion, giving different variants of swords, axes, and maces.  It's not a must have, so if I need to let go, this mod can go.
  • Useful Scrapping - I like this mod over Skyrim Recycling.  I haven't used it so if there is a reason to not include it, I can let this one go as well.
  • Wanderer Cuirass -  Another mod I can let go if needed but it looks inviting to have this armor set.  The heavy version is a nice alternative to a steal armor option. 


I'm sure there are other armor sets out there that might be better than this list.  Please offer your advice and comments.  Thanks for reading.


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Have you ever tried the Immersive Armor mod and using that mod could free up a couple of slots for other mods.

Perhaps you aren't using the latest WB or the mod hasn't been properly converted from SLE to SSE, so it's a good idea to check that mod in SSEEdit and if SSEEdit says the same thing as WB then don't use that mod.  Is that mod converted for SSE?

In any case it's better to report your findings to the author so he/she can fix it.

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@Leonardo Thanks for the reply.  I forgot to add Immersive Armors in the list.  I've also upgraded the WB and found that the author is aware of the header issue but the mod works as expected according to other players.  My question is:

  1.  For the mods listed, what would be a good load order?  I use LOOT, however, I want to make sure that the armors and weapons used are in the game.  LOOT is good about setting load order and authors are somewhat responsible for entering the correct metadata.  I suppose if I needed to, I can add metadata for Load After to get the right sequence of Armor mods.
  2. Do you think - or for that matter - anyone else thinks the list is too much?  I'm going through my list of mods to make sure there isn't a redundant system.
  3.  In addition to Armor and Combat mods, I have a set of Skill mods that are worth playing.  I believe I'm okay on that list.
  4. For Combat, I'm looking at Skyrim Unleveled and MLU with AAE vs High Level Enemies, MLU, AAE, Combat Evolved, and Vigor.  I want a good immersive game play but I believe that Skyrim Unleveled goes a bit further than necessary.  However, most of the players who play it are satisfied with the challenge.


Thanks for reading


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If I were you I would probably use Immersive Armors and only add armor mods if there is something missing in the Immersive Armors mod.

As for the mod list you posted, yes I think it's a little too much to add at the same time.

However, I don't see the reason why you have 2-3 weapons mods in that mod list and if you still want a weapon mod then why not add the Immersive Weapons mod then add more mods later in case something is missing from the Immersive Weapons mod.

I know about the Fur Armor Set mod, but I think it has too much stuff added into the game so that's why I haven't test it yet.  Instead I use this Frostfall compatible mod.

Craftable Skaal Clothing Frostfall Ready

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@Leonardo  Here is what I"m thinking for my Armor load order:

  • Immersive Armors
  • Bosmer Armor Pack - it adds more options for Bosmer Armor where IA only has two sets
  • InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack - Silver Bow in this pack
  • Lore Weapons Expansion - Silver weapons here
  • Silver Sword and Shield of the Dragonborn - while not necessary, if I decide to use Skyrim Unleveled with MLU, the silver weapons will become useful.  I like this particular silver weapon.
  • Skyrim SE Expanded Weaponry - I've favored this mod over the Lore Weapon Expansion.  Since I"m using Insanity's Weapons Pack, this mod should fill in weapons that are unique
  • Nordic Ranger Outfit - Adding in the Skaal clothing might make this mod irrelevant since I don't need the Bosmer Armor Pack (which can be worn by Nords and Khajit; the only other races I play).  I'll include it for now to give an option for the Nord class.
  • Royal Armory - No vanilla weapons for our leaders!  I like this mod as it adds depth to the characters.
  • Scoped Bows - I've stopped using the cursor so this would be a good addition.  It will also eliminate the need for Proper Aiming.
  • Archery - Vactrol created this mod as he has used bows in real life and made some adjustments.  I believe this will also eliminate the need for Proper Aiming.
  • Chocolate Noodles Little Balance Mods - Weapon AF - I respect ChocolateNoodles dedication to Skyrim and Skyrim SE.  The Weapon AF adjusts the game balance of weapons - weight, attack speed, and damage equality.  This mod might be irrelevant if I use Skyrim Unleveled as that mod makes a few changes to weapon damage output and armor protection.  

I think that should be sufficient for my Skyrim Experience.  Thanks for the advice on using the Skaal Armor.   Immersive Weapons hasn't been ported  to SSE and there is a Nexus SSE mod post to port the mod over to SSE.  I'm not interested to do that at this time.  I didn't use FNIS for the same reason:  too much time to add a simple weapons mod to SSE when there are more qualified people to port the mod over.   FNIS is a good concept but XPMS states clearly the styles listed don't work in SE.  I liked the Dual Sheath across the back and the daggers at the waist.  I wonder what SSE would need to make that work.

Thanks again for the help!  Could you look at my Combat Mod post?  I'm having real trouble trying to find the best combat package so I can have a solid game without having to level up so I can complete Bleak Falls Barrow.  


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On 2017-10-21 at 2:11 PM, Strategy said:

I'm having real trouble trying to find the best combat package so I can have a solid game without having to level up so I can complete Bleak Falls Barrow. 

If you are having a problem to kill the dungeon boss in Bleak Falls Barrow then read this.

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Lenardo,  I didn't finish that sentence completely.  Using Skyrim Unleveled, I was unable to complete Bleak Falls Barrow due to the mod's deleveled state.  It is a very tough mod, but I've moved on to YASH now.

Thanks for your time Lenardo - I do have a lot of questions about modding which I will put in another post in relation to YASH.

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