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  • Skyrim Unleveled - I like the concepts that this mod applies to the game - armor is penalized for what type is worn.   Arrows don't penetrate armor but bolts do.  Swords don't penetrate heavy armor but are good against light and no armor.  Maces are better against armored opponents.  Also the unleveled versions of NPCs and locations give the new meaning to being ready for combat.  No longer could my archetype Assassin sneak his way through Bleak Falls Barrow.  I would have to buy training or go hunting to get my skills set to a point where I can complete Bleak Falls.  Using EFF, I can bring some tank players and a few mages to help out.  However, for Bleak Falls Barrow its where I meet the advanced enemies:

    Drauger Death Lords appear after the first lethal trap - porticullis and it is a challenge to get through that plus deal with the enemy. 

    My followers didn't scale with the mod, but I've added Special Edition Followers which gives all the followers a better combat package.  So I might try this mod with SEF and see if my experience changes.
  • High Level Enemies - Another combat mod that brings more enemies into the world at level 10 and has an option to scale all enemies to your level.   It also makes some changes to the enemies combat abilities.   In addition to more enemies, scaled level, there are a couple of add-on's that change the maximum caps for four spells so they can be useful later on and raise the maximum resistance cap to 90%.  I'm curious if this would be a good addition to Skyrim Unleveled.
  • Combat Evolved - Another great mod for combat AI changes.  I believe this mod would be a good addition to the Skyrim Unleveled and I like this mod over Deadly Combat.  Combined with Skyrim Unleveled and Vigor (no injuries) or Vigor SOT (injuries to players and NPCs). would give a good balance at the normal Adept level. 
  • Advanced Adversary Encounter - I like this mod for adding in the dangerous skill sets to some really nasty foes.  I specifically like having the changes to certain foes such as Centurions who are not very vulnerable to cold spells.  I've read the posts under Skyrim Unleveled and this is a must add to the combat list.
  • Archery - Found this mod via searching NMM.  It was created by a player who shoots bows in real life.  I've always been a firm believer of realism - take a look at truecombatelite.com for a modern weapon game - and this mod adjusts the archery system in Skyrim.  I'm looking forward to putting this mod to the test with Skyrim Unleveled.
  • Wildcat and Smilodon - I have used both and I find them useful, but I'm a fan of Vigor since that mod only covers the combat buffs and debuffs with some NPC AI.  It also has a much longer lasting effect on injuries and there is an alternative Vigor that adds injuries to NPC's.  
  • Vigor - I might use this mod without injuries as Skyrim Unleveled are going to have tougher enemies along with HLE adding 874 more to Skyrim at level 10.  However, since I'm not changing the combat level and I'm not using the multiplier, it might be advantageous to use injuries as that makes the most sense for a complete immersion.  

I'm not a fan of penalizing the player's attack damage to gain a benefit of immersion or game play.  I feel at a one-to-one ratio, the best way to be immersed is to make combat real:  armor types, weapon types, and skilled combat should be far more important than increasing or reducing damage.  For this reason, I've used the non-multiplier version of Skyrim Unleveled.

I'll be posting an Armor mod and a Skill mod separately so I don't overwhelm this post.  Please post advice, comments, and critiques.  Thanks for reading.

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@Leonardo  - My main concern for combat packages is that the changes made are static; when I complete a battle in worldspace, the enemies are not going to revert back to vanilla levels.  If I clear a dungeon or ruin, the respawn time will respawn with the same level of enemies I had before.   Using Extensible Follower Framework, I can bring a few NPC's with me to deal with the enhanced enemies that I will fight.

Read the list above and let me know what your thoughts are on combat.  Leonardo, thanks again for your time.

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