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We're in the process of transferring to a new bug tracker that's being written by me to replace the current one which isn't meeting with our ant-spam and security needs. Access to log new issues, edit existing ones, or perform other tasks which would change data in the database have been blocked.

The new tracker will not be ready for use until we're sure the data import is working properly as it may need some tweaks to massage data into place. Hopefully this won't take more than a day or two to get done.

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Have you ever considered a bug tracker as an in-game mod that pulls location & co-ordinates, bug description & screenshot and posts them to a temp repo for confirmation & validation? The mod would be based on username keys to eliminate- or at least reduce spam.

Might be an interesting exercise for an AHK script perhaps. :)

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Well, you only would have to tell the script how to detect a deviation from the expected behaviour of the game.  Which means that the script needs a reliable reference; simply speaking, it needs to have access to all the information from a fully patched game. Though, once the game can be fully patched, that script iwoule become pretty much superfluous.


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17 hours ago, Sclerocephalus said:

Well, you only would have to tell the script how to detect a deviation from the expected behaviour of the game. 

Interesting, but wasn't intended. :P The script just collates and posts data.

17 hours ago, Sclerocephalus said:

... Though, once the game can be fully patched, ...


Never going to happen-but what then? Will we just lose interest? :)

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The new tracker is up and running now. All data has been imported and should be entirely intact. Try not to laugh at my terrible web design skills while you're there :P


The "Overview" link currently doesn't do what it's intended to, and the search option still needs to be written, but other than that everything else should be working. The old tracker links will be forced to redirect to the new one shortly and we'll be updating the links in various places.

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Unfortunately I am not mobile savvy with web stuff so that may remain a problem. As soon as the shakedown is done though I'll be committing the first version to GitHub. Maybe someone will be willing to offer some help in that area at that point. If they can figure out the mess :troll:

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Our first big commit and one small quickfix afterward has been made.

@AndalayBay You asked to be poked, so consider yourself poked :P

Looking at dates etc, it's already been more than a month since I started on this. Time sure flies. Hopefully this one will serve us well for the foreseeable future. Cause I hate transferring data. A lot.

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