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Every time I reload a gamesave my PC always run


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I dunno how or why, but right now I have a minor issue with my PC and what happen is this after I reloaded a gamesave.

My PC always run if move forward, the same way the player will have in both Oblivion and Skyrim, and at the same time the in-game map is always showing the world and not the local map.

None of things happens in any of my previous games regardless what mods I use and everything started after I installed the patches in MCP.  I also use MGE-XE, the latest version I think.

However, I doubt that would cause a running PC by default and the map is showing the world map and not the local map in-game.  So that means there must be a setting or two in the Morrowind.ini file.

Does anyone know what setting is causing this issue(s), below is the current Morrowind.ini?



;Test TES 0=morrowind.esm

;Starting Cell=Pelagiad
;Starting Grid X=0
;Starting Grid Y=0

Show FPS=0
Max FPS=144

;-1 Use raw data, 0 Use Newer, 1 use Archive Only


Clip One To One Float=1
Flip Control Y=0
PC Footstep Volume=0.7

Disable Audio=0

Background Keyboard=0
Use Joystick=0
Joystick X Turns=0
; X=1, Y = 2, Z = 3, XRot = 4, YRot = 5, ZRot = 6
Joystick Look Up/Down=6
Joystick Look Left/Right=3
; 0=no, 1 = XBox Maps, 2 = Exterior Cell Maps
Create Maps Enable=0
Screen Shot Enable=1
Screen Shot Base Name=G:\Bethesda Softworks\screenshot\Morrowind\ScreenShot
Screen Shot Index=0
Beta Comment File=
Interior Cell Buffer=10
Exterior Cell Buffer=32
Number of Shadows=6
Maximum Shadows Per Object=1
Editor Starting Cell=
Editor Starting Pos=0.000000,0.000000,16384.000000
Editor Starting Dir 0=1.000000,0.000000,0.000000
Editor Starting Dir 1=0.000000,-0.000000,1.000000
Editor Starting Dir 2=0.000000,-1.000000,-0.000000
Werewolf FOV=100
High Detail Shadows=0



Travel Siltstrider Red=238
Travel Siltstrider Green=230
Travel Siltstrider Blue=30
Travel Boat Red=30
Travel Boat Green=30
Travel Boat Blue=230
Travel Magic Red=230
Travel Magic Green=30
Travel Magic Blue=30
Show Travel Lines=0

MenuStat=1.7                           0.4891  0.4278  0.5015  0.4142    0.3896  0.4843  0.0017  0.0054  0 1 0
MenuMagic=1.7                          0.3594  0.8787  0.5000  0.1603    0.2844  0.4204  0.9323  0.8898  0 1 0
MenuMap=1.7                            0.9771  0.8750  0.5909  0.2000    0.4609  0.4852  0.9971  0.0036  0 1 0
MenuInventory=1.7                      0.9786  0.8778  0.5610  0.1591    0.3901  0.4213  0.0017  0.8912  0 1 0
MenuConsole=1.7                        0.9896  0.9065  0.5000  0.0990    0.9896  0.9065  0.5000  0.0990  0 0 1
MenuInventory-MenuContents=1.7           0.98    0.88    0.50    0.11      0.45    0.37    0.02    0.88  0 1 0
MenuContents=1.7                       0.9792  0.8750  0.5250  0.2000    0.3375  0.3676  0.8491  0.8741  0 0 0
MenuDialog=1.7                         0.9792  0.8750  0.5250  0.2000    0.4797  0.4352  0.5065  0.9656  0 0 1
MenuInventory-MenuBarter=1.7           0.9800  0.8800  0.5000  0.1100    0.4500  0.3700  0.0200  0.8800  0 1 0
MenuSpellmaking=1.7                      0.00    0.00    0.50    0.50      0.00    0.00    0.50    0.50  0 0 0
MenuBarter=1.7                         0.9795  0.8789  0.5238  0.1505    0.3799  0.6289  0.9795  0.7123  0 0 0
MenuRaceSex=1.7                        0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000    0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000  0 0 0
MenuStatReview=1.7                     0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000    0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000  0 0 0
MenuSkills-MenuCreateClass=1.7         0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000    0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000  0 0 0
MenuSetValues=1.7                      0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000    0.0000  0.0000  0.5000  0.5000  0 0 0
MenuConsole-MenuRaceSex=1.7            0.9896  0.9065  0.5000  0.0990    0.9896  0.9065  0.5000  0.0990  0 0 1

No CDROM Message=Unable to find a CD-ROM/DVD drive on this computer.
No CDROM Title=CD-ROM Drive Not Found
Enter CD Message=Insert the Morrowind CD into any CD-ROM/DVD drive.
Enter CD Title=Morrowind CD Not Found

Company Logo=bethesda logo.bik
Morrowind Logo=mw_logo.bik
New Game=mw_intro.bik
Options Menu=mw_menu.bik

[Question 1]
Question=On a clear day you chance upon a strange animal, its leg trapped in a hunter's clawsnare. Judging from the bleeding, it will not survive long.
AnswerOne=Draw your dagger, mercifully ending its life with a single thrust?
AnswerTwo=Use herbs from your pack to put it to sleep?
AnswerThree=Do not interfere in the natural evolution of events, but rather take the opportunity to learn more about a strange animal that you have never seen before?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA1.wav

[Question 2]
Question=One summer afternoon your father gives you a choice of chores.
AnswerOne=Work in the forge with him casting iron for a new plow?
AnswerTwo=Gather herbs for your mother who is preparing dinner?
AnswerThree=Go catch fish at the stream using a net and line?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA2.wav

[Question 3]
Question=Your cousin has given you a very embarassing nickname and, even worse, likes to call you it in front of your friends. You have asked him to stop, but he finds it very amusing to watch you blush.
AnswerOne=Beat up your cousin, then tell him that if he ever calls you that nickname again, you will bloody him worse than this time.
AnswerTwo=Make up a story that makes your nickname a badge of honor instead of something humiliating.
AnswerThree=Make up an even more embarrassing nickname for him and use it constantly until he learns his lesson.
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA3.wav

[Question 4]
Question=There is a lot of heated discussion at the local tavern over a group of people called 'Telepaths'. They have been hired by certain City-State kings. Rumor has it these Telepaths read a person's mind and tell their lord whether a follower is telling the truth or not.
AnswerOne=This is a terrible practice. A person's thoughts are his own and no one, not even a king, has the right to make such an invasion into another human's mind.
AnswerTwo=Loyal followers to the King have nothing to fear from a Telepath. It is important to have a method of finding assassins and spies before it is too late.
AnswerThree=In these times, it is a necessary evil. Although you do not necessarily like the idea, a Telepath could have certain advantages during a time of war or in finding someone innocent of a crime.
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA4.wav

[Question 5]
Question=Your mother sends you to the market with a list of goods to buy. After you finish you find that by mistake a shopkeeper has given you too much money back in exchange for one of the items.
AnswerOne=Return to the store and give the shopkeeper his hard-earned money, explaining to him the mistake?
AnswerTwo=Decide to put the extra money to good use and purchase items that would help your family?
AnswerThree=Pocket the extra money, knowing that shopkeepers in general tend to overcharge customers anyway?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA5.wav

[Question 6]
Question=While in a market place you witness a thief cut a purse from a noble. Even as he does so, the noble notices and calls for the city guards. In his haste to get away, the thief drops the purse near you. Surprisingly, no one seems to notice the bag of coins at your feet.
AnswerOne=Pick up the bag and signal to the guard, knowing that the only honorable thing to do is return the money to its rightful owner?
AnswerTwo=Leave the bag there, knowing that it is better not to get involved?
AnswerThree=Pick up the bag and pocket it, knowing that the extra windfall will help your family in times of trouble?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA6.wav

[Question 7]
Question=Your father sends you on a task which you loathe, cleaning the stables. On the way there, pitchfork in hand, you run into your friend from the homestead near your own. He offers to do it for you, in return for a future favor of his choosing.
AnswerOne=Decline his offer, knowing that your father expects you to do the work, and it is better not to be in debt?
AnswerTwo=Ask him to help you, knowing that two people can do the job faster than one, and agree to help him with one task of his choosing in the future?
AnswerThree=Accept his offer, reasoning that as long as the stables are cleaned, it matters not who does the cleaning?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA7.wav

[Question 8]
Question=Your mother asks you to help fix the stove. While you are working, a very hot pipe slips its moorings and falls towards her.
AnswerOne=Position yourself between the pipe and your mother?
AnswerTwo=Grab the hot pipe and try to push it away?
AnswerThree=Push your mother out of the way?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA8.wav

[Question 9]
Question=While in town the baker gives you a sweetroll. Delighted, you take it into an alley to enjoy, only to be intercepted by a gang of three other kids your age. The leader demands the sweetroll, or else he and his friends will beat you and take it.
AnswerOne=Drop the sweetroll and step on it, then get ready for the fight?
AnswerTwo=Give him the sweetroll now without argument, knowing that later this afternoon you will have all your friends with you and can come and take whatever he owes you?
AnswerThree=Act like you're going to give him the sweetroll, but at the last minute throw it in the air, hoping that they'll pay attention to it long enough for you to get a shot in on the leader?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA9.wav

[Question 10]
Question=Entering town you find that you are witness to a very well-dressed man running from a crowd. He screams to you for help. The crowd behind him seems very angry.
AnswerOne=Rush to the town's aid immediately, despite your lack of knowledge of the circumstances?
AnswerTwo=Stand aside and allow the man and mob to pass, realizing that it is probably best not to get involved?
AnswerThree=Rush to the man's aid immediately, despite your lack of knowledge of the circumstances?
Sound=Vo\Misc\CharGen QA10.wav

;Editor Alpha ranges from 0.0 (transparent) to 1.0 (opaque)
;An alpha of 1.0 shows the water as it will appear in game.
Editor Alpha=0.25
Map Alpha=0.4
World Alpha=0.75
RippleScale=0.15, 6.5
RippleAlphas=0.7, 0.1, 0.01
NearWaterIndoorID=Water Layer
NearWaterOutdoorID=Water Layer


Model 0=BloodSplat.nif
Model 1=BloodSplat2.nif
Model 2=BloodSplat3.nif

Texture 0=Tx_Blood.tga
Texture 1=Tx_Blood_White.tga
Texture 2=Tx_Blood_Gold.tga

Texture Name 0=Default (Red)
Texture Name 1=Skeleton (White)
Texture Name 2=Metal Sparks (Gold)

Cell 0=Imperial Prison Ship
Cell 1=Seyda Neen

Masser Size=94
Masser Fade In Start=14
Masser Fade In Finish=15
Masser Fade Out Start=7
Masser Fade Out Finish=10
Masser Axis Offset=35
Masser Speed=.5
Masser Daily Increment=1
Masser Fade Start Angle=50
Masser Fade End Angle=40
Masser Moon Shadow Early Fade Angle=0.5
Secunda Size=40
Secunda Fade In Start=14
Secunda Fade In Finish=15
Secunda Fade Out Start=7
Secunda Fade Out Finish=10
Secunda Axis Offset=50
Secunda Speed=.6
Secunda Daily Increment=1.2
Secunda Fade Start Angle=50
Secunda Fade End Angle=30
Secunda Moon Shadow Early Fade Angle=0.5
Script Color=255,20,20

Minimum Time Between Environmental Sounds=1.0
Maximum Time Between Environmental Sounds=5.0
Sun Glare Fader Max=0.5
Sun Glare Fader Angle Max=30.0
Sun Glare Fader Color=222,095,039
Timescale Clouds=0
Precip Gravity=575
Hours Between Weather Changes=20
Rain Ripples=1
Rain Ripple Radius=1024
Rain Ripples Per Drop=1
Rain Ripple Scale=0.3
Rain Ripple Speed=1.0
Fog Depth Change Speed=3
Sunrise Time=6
Sunset Time=18
Sunrise Duration=2
Sunset Duration=2
Sky Pre-Sunrise Time=.5
Sky Post-Sunrise Time=1
Sky Pre-Sunset Time=1.5
Sky Post-Sunset Time=.5
Ambient Pre-Sunrise Time=.5
Ambient Post-Sunrise Time=2
Ambient Pre-Sunset Time=1
Ambient Post-Sunset Time=1.25
Fog Pre-Sunrise Time=.5
Fog Post-Sunrise Time=1
Fog Pre-Sunset Time=2
Fog Post-Sunset Time=1
Sun Pre-Sunrise Time=0
Sun Post-Sunrise Time=0
Sun Pre-Sunset Time=1
Sun Post-Sunset Time=1.25
Stars Post-Sunset Start=1
Stars Pre-Sunrise Finish=2
Stars Fading Duration=2
Snow Ripples=0
Snow Ripple Radius=1024
Snow Ripples Per Flake=1
Snow Ripple Scale=0.3
Snow Ripple Speed=1.0
Snow Gravity Scale=0.1
Snow High Kill=700
Snow Low Kill=150

[Weather Clear]
Sky Sunrise Color=117,141,164
Sky Day Color=095,135,203
Sky Sunset Color=056,089,129
Sky Night Color=009,010,011
Fog Sunrise Color=255,189,157
Fog Day Color=206,227,255
Fog Sunset Color=255,189,157
Fog Night Color=009,010,011
Ambient Sunrise Color=047,066,096
Ambient Day Color=137,140,160
Ambient Sunset Color=068,075,096
Ambient Night Color=032,035,042
Sun Sunrise Color=242,159,119
Sun Day Color=255,252,238
Sun Sunset Color=255,114,079
Sun Night Color=059,097,176
Sun Disc Sunset Color=255,189,157
Transition Delta=.015
Land Fog Day Depth=.69
Land Fog Night Depth=.69
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=.1
Cloud Speed=1.25
Glare View=1
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Clear.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=None

[Weather Cloudy]
Sky Sunrise Color=126,158,173
Sky Day Color=117,160,215
Sky Sunset Color=111,114,159
Sky Night Color=009,010,011
Fog Sunrise Color=255,207,149
Fog Day Color=245,235,224
Fog Sunset Color=255,155,106
Fog Night Color=009,010,011
Ambient Sunrise Color=066,074,087
Ambient Day Color=137,145,160
Ambient Sunset Color=071,080,092
Ambient Night Color=032,039,054
Sun Sunrise Color=241,177,099
Sun Day Color=255,236,221
Sun Sunset Color=255,089,000
Sun Night Color=077,091,124
Sun Disc Sunset Color=255,202,179
Transition Delta=.015
Land Fog Day Depth=.72
Land Fog Night Depth=.72
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=.2
Cloud Speed=2
Glare View=1
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Cloudy.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=None

[Weather Foggy]
Sky Sunrise Color=197,190,180
Sky Day Color=184,211,228
Sky Sunset Color=142,159,176
Sky Night Color=018,023,028
Fog Sunrise Color=173,164,148
Fog Day Color=150,187,209
Fog Sunset Color=113,135,157
Fog Night Color=019,024,029
Ambient Sunrise Color=048,043,037
Ambient Day Color=092,109,120
Ambient Sunset Color=029,053,076
Ambient Night Color=028,033,039
Sun Sunrise Color=177,162,137
Sun Day Color=111,131,151
Sun Sunset Color=125,157,189
Sun Night Color=081,100,119
Sun Disc Sunset Color=223,223,223
Transition Delta=.015
Land Fog Day Depth=1.0
Land Fog Night Depth=1.9
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=0
Cloud Speed=1.25
Glare View=0.25
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Foggy.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=None

[Weather Overcast]
Sky Sunrise Color=091,099,106
Sky Day Color=143,146,149
Sky Sunset Color=108,115,121
Sky Night Color=019,022,025
Fog Sunrise Color=091,099,106
Fog Day Color=143,146,149
Fog Sunset Color=108,115,121
Fog Night Color=019,022,025
Ambient Sunrise Color=084,088,092
Ambient Day Color=093,096,105
Ambient Sunset Color=083,077,075
Ambient Night Color=057,060,066
Sun Sunrise Color=087,125,163
Sun Day Color=163,169,183
Sun Sunset Color=085,103,157
Sun Night Color=032,054,100
Sun Disc Sunset Color=128,128,128
Transition Delta=.015
Land Fog Day Depth=.70
Land Fog Night Depth=.70
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=.2
Cloud Speed=1.5
Glare View=0
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Overcast.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=None

[Weather Rain]
Sky Sunrise Color=071,074,075
Sky Day Color=116,120,122
Sky Sunset Color=073,073,073
Sky Night Color=024,025,026
Fog Sunrise Color=071,074,075
Fog Day Color=116,120,122
Fog Sunset Color=073,073,073
Fog Night Color=024,025,026
Ambient Sunrise Color=097,090,088
Ambient Day Color=105,110,113
Ambient Sunset Color=088,097,097
Ambient Night Color=050,055,067
Sun Sunrise Color=131,122,120
Sun Day Color=149,157,170
Sun Sunset Color=120,126,131
Sun Night Color=050,062,101
Sun Disc Sunset Color=128,128,128
Transition Delta=.015
Land Fog Day Depth=.8
Land Fog Night Depth=.8
Clouds Maximum Percent=0.66
Wind Speed=.3
Cloud Speed=2
Glare View=0
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Rainy.tga
Using Precip=1
Rain Diameter=600
Rain Height Min=200
Rain Height Max=700
Rain Threshold=0.6
Rain Entrance Speed=7
Rain Loop Sound ID=Rain
Ambient Loop Sound ID=None
Max Raindrops=450

[Weather Thunderstorm]
Sky Sunrise Color=035,036,039
Sky Day Color=097,104,115
Sky Sunset Color=035,036,039
Sky Night Color=019,020,022
Fog Sunrise Color=070,074,085
Fog Day Color=097,104,115
Fog Sunset Color=070,074,085
Fog Night Color=019,020,022
Ambient Sunrise Color=054,054,054
Ambient Day Color=090,090,090
Ambient Sunset Color=054,054,054
Ambient Night Color=049,051,054
Sun Sunrise Color=091,099,122
Sun Day Color=138,144,155
Sun Sunset Color=096,101,117
Sun Night Color=055,076,110
Sun Disc Sunset Color=128,128,128
Transition Delta=.030
Thunder Frequency=.4
Thunder Threshold=0.6
Thunder Sound ID 0=Thunder0
Thunder Sound ID 1=Thunder1
Thunder Sound ID 2=Thunder2
Thunder Sound ID 3=Thunder3
Land Fog Day Depth=1
Land Fog Night Depth=1.15
Clouds Maximum Percent=0.66
Wind Speed=.5
Cloud Speed=3
Glare View=0
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Thunder.tga
Using Precip=1
Rain Diameter=600
Rain Height Min=200
Rain Height Max=700
Rain Threshold=0.6
Max Raindrops=650
Rain Entrance Speed=5
Rain Loop Sound ID=rain heavy
Ambient Loop Sound ID=None
Flash Decrement=4

[Weather Ashstorm]
Sky Sunrise Color=091,056,051
Sky Day Color=124,073,058
Sky Sunset Color=106,055,040
Sky Night Color=020,021,022
Fog Sunrise Color=091,056,051
Fog Day Color=124,073,058
Fog Sunset Color=106,055,040
Fog Night Color=020,021,022
Ambient Sunrise Color=054,042,037
Ambient Day Color=075,049,041
Ambient Sunset Color=048,039,035
Ambient Night Color=036,042,049
Sun Sunrise Color=184,091,071
Sun Day Color=228,139,114
Sun Sunset Color=185,086,057
Sun Night Color=054,066,074
Sun Disc Sunset Color=128,128,128
Transition Delta=.035
Land Fog Day Depth=1.1
Land Fog Night Depth=1.2
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=.8
Cloud Speed=7
Glare View=0
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Ashstorm.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=ashstorm
Storm Threshold=.70

[Weather Blight]
Sky Sunrise Color=090,035,035
Sky Day Color=090,035,035
Sky Sunset Color=092,033,033
Sky Night Color=044,014,014
Fog Sunrise Color=090,035,035
Fog Day Color=128,019,019
Fog Sunset Color=092,033,033
Fog Night Color=044,014,014
Ambient Sunrise Color=061,040,040
Ambient Day Color=079,054,054
Ambient Sunset Color=061,040,040
Ambient Night Color=056,058,062
Sun Sunrise Color=180,078,078
Sun Day Color=224,084,084
Sun Sunset Color=180,078,078
Sun Night Color=061,091,143
Sun Disc Sunset Color=128,128,128
Transition Delta=.040
Land Fog Day Depth=1.1
Land Fog Night Depth=1.2
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=.9
Cloud Speed=9
Glare View=0
Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Blight.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=Blight
Storm Threshold=.70
Disease Chance=.10


Font 0=kingthingspetrock_Bold_AA_17
Font 1=century_gothic_font_regular
Font 2=daedric_font




















Cursor 0=cursor
Cursor 1=cursormove
; Use item
Cursor 2=cursor
; Place item
Cursor 3=cursor_drop
; Drop item at feet
Cursor 4=cursor_drop_ground

Open Render=1
Open Cell View=1
Open Object Window=1
Open Preview=0


[Level Up]
Level2=You realize that all your life you have been coasting along as if you were in a dream. Suddenly, facing the trials of the last few days, you have come alive.
Level3=You realize that you are catching on to the secret of success. It's just a matter of concentration.
Level4=It's all suddenly obvious to you. You just have to concentrate. All the energy and time you've wasted -- it's a sin. But without the experience you've gained, taking risks, taking responsibility for failure, how could you have understood?
Level5=Everything you do is just a bit easier, more instinctive, more satisfying. It is as though you had suddenly developed keen senses and instincts.
Level6=You sense yourself more aware, more open to new ideas. You've learned a lot about Morrowind. It's hard to believe how ignorant you were -- but now you have so much more to learn.
Level7=You resolve to continue pushing yourself. Perhaps there's more to you than you thought.
Level8=The secret does seem to be hard work, yes, but it's also a kind of blind passion, an inspiration.
Level9=Everything you do is just a bit easier, more instinctive, more satisfying. It is as though you had suddenly developed keen senses and instincts.
Level10=You woke today with a new sense of purpose. You're no longer afraid of failure. Failure is just an opportunity to learn something new.
Level11=Being smart doesn't hurt. And a little luck now and then is nice. But the key is patience and hard work. And when it pays off, it's SWEET!
Level12=You can't believe how easy it is. You just have to go -- a little crazy. And then, suddenly, it all makes sense, and everything you do turns to gold.
Level13=It's the most amazing thing. Yesterday it was hard, and today it is easy. Just a good night's sleep, and yesterday's mysteries are today's masteries.
Level14=Today you wake up, full of energy and ideas, and you know, somehow, that overnight everything has changed. What a difference a day makes.
Level15=Today you suddenly realized the life you've been living, the punishment your body has taken -- there are limits to what the body can do, and perhaps you have reached them. You've wondered what it is like to grow old. Well, now you know.
Level16=You've been trying too hard, thinking too much. Relax. Trust your instincts. Just be yourself. Do the little things, and the big things take care of themselves.
Level17=Life isn't over. You can still get smarter, or cleverer, or more experienced, or meaner -- but your body and soul just aren't going to get any younger.
Level18=The challenge now is to stay at the peak as long as you can. You may be as strong today as any mortal who has ever walked the earth, but there's always someone younger, a new challenger.
Level19=You're really good. Maybe the best. And that's why it's so hard to get better. But you just keep trying, because that's the way you are.
Level20=You'll never be better than you are today. If you are lucky, by superhuman effort, you can avoid slipping backwards for a while. But sooner or later, you're going to lose a step, or drop a beat, or miss a detail -- and you'll be gone forever.
Default=The results of hard work and dedication always look like luck to saps. But you know you've earned every ounce of your success.

[Game Files]
GameFile0=Better Heads Bloodmoon addon.esm
GameFile1=Better Heads Tribunal addon.esm
GameFile2=Better Heads.esm
GameFile4=Morrowind Patch v1.6.3.esm
GameFile10=ASH 2.0.esp
GameFile11=Adamantium Roundshield.esp
GameFile12=Amulet of Icarian flight.esp
GameFile15=Atmospheric Plazas.ESP
GameFile17=Balmora Lockpick and Probe Merchant.esp
GameFile18=Balmora Soul Gem Merchant.esp
GameFile19=Balmora Wall House.ESP
GameFile20=Better Balmora river.esp
GameFile21=Better Bodies.esp
GameFile22=Better Clothes_v1.1.esp
GameFile23=Bloodmoon Vendor.esp
GameFile24=Books of Vvardenfell.esp
GameFile26=Class Abilities 3.1.esp
GameFile32=DM_DB Armor Replacer-Exp.esp
GameFile33=Dock Walkway_No Building.esp
GameFile36=Glass Gauntlets 10.esp
GameFile37=Hlormaren - Fixed Dome building.esp
GameFile40=Lakeside House.esp
GameFile41=Lost pieces of unknown armor - Class 04.esp
GameFile44=Maar Gan Hut.esp
GameFile46=Mashed Lists.esp
GameFile47=Master Index Upgrade.esp
GameFile48=More Better Clothes.ESP
GameFile49=More Exquisite Clothes.esp
GameFile51=Nerevarine Urshilaku Tent.ESP
GameFile52=New Lord's Mail.ESP
GameFile53=New Randagulf's Fists.ESP
GameFile54=New Umbra.ESP
GameFile55=Passive Wildlife Vvardenfell.esp
GameFile56=Redaynia Village.esp
GameFile57=Salit Camp_Yakaridan Camp - Fixed Door Marker.esp
GameFile59=Shashmanu Camp Expanded.ESP
GameFile60=Sleepers Robe.esp
GameFile61=Stalhrim Stuff.esp
GameFile67=Unique Jewelry and Accessories.esp
GameFile68=Uvirith's Legacy_3.5.esp
GameFile69=Village of Mora Uvirith v1.2.esp
GameFile70=Westly's Master Headpack X.esp
GameFile72=XE Sky Variations.esp

Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa
Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa
Archive 2=PT_Data.bsa
Archive 3=TR_Data.bsa
[Weather Snow]
Sky Sunrise Color=106,091,091
Sky Day Color=153,158,166
Sky Sunset Color=096,115,134
Sky Night Color=031,035,039
Fog Sunrise Color=106,091,091
Fog Day Color=153,158,166
Fog Sunset Color=096,115,134
Fog Night Color=031,035,039
Ambient Sunrise Color=092,084,084
Ambient Day Color=093,096,105
Ambient Sunset Color=070,079,087
Ambient Night Color=049,058,068
Sun Sunrise Color=141,109,109
Sun Day Color=163,169,183
Sun Sunset Color=101,121,141
Sun Night Color=055,066,077
Sun Disc Sunset Color=128,128,128
Transition Delta=.015
Land Fog Day Depth=1.0
Land Fog Night Depth=1.2
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=0
Cloud Speed=1.5
Glare View=0
Cloud Texture=Tx_BM_Sky_Snow.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=None
Snow Threshold=0.5
Snow Diameter=800
Snow Height Min=400
Snow Height Max=700
Snow Entrance Speed=6
Max Snowflakes=750
[Weather Blizzard]
Sky Sunrise Color=091,099,106
Sky Day Color=121,133,145
Sky Sunset Color=108,115,121
Sky Night Color=027,029,031
Fog Sunrise Color=091,099,106
Fog Day Color=121,133,145
Fog Sunset Color=108,115,121
Fog Night Color=021,024,028
Ambient Sunrise Color=084,088,092
Ambient Day Color=093,096,105
Ambient Sunset Color=083,077,075
Ambient Night Color=053,062,070
Sun Sunrise Color=114,128,146
Sun Day Color=163,169,183
Sun Sunset Color=106,114,136
Sun Night Color=057,066,074
Sun Disc Sunset Color=128,128,128
Transition Delta=.030
Land Fog Day Depth=2.8
Land Fog Night Depth=3.0
Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0
Wind Speed=.9
Cloud Speed=7.5
Glare View=0
Cloud Texture=Tx_BM_Sky_Blizzard.tga
Ambient Loop Sound ID=BM Blizzard
Storm Threshold=.50

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2 hours ago, lmstearn said:

Remember in Oblivion that run was the caps lock. But the map... has that anything to do with the Werewolf FOV=100?

I don't recall that, but I take your word for it.  Maybe, I need to check that and even if it has do to with the map then it's a stupid setting.


Also, how in earth can a setting that applies for Oblivion be sort of a permanent setting for Morrowind, NO matter what I do, despite for NOT having Oblivion installed anymore.  I don't get it. :wallbash:

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I found what patch did that.


Convenient defaults = On loading a game, sets the initial player movement to running instead of walking, and sets the map to display the world map instead of the local map.

If you want just the running part, turn off this option and open the file morrowind.ini. After the [General] line add: Always Run=1

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